This girl is ready to help people any time. When she is on the bus, she always her seat to someone in need.A.givesB.giveC.gaveD.givingThe girl with her grandparents for the moment because her parents are both very busy this month.A.livedB.is livingC.liveD.was living—You have found your lost umbrella, haven’t you?—Yes. I _____ it behind the door this afternoon. A. have found B. will find C. found—When ______ you ______ reading Jane Eyre?—It’s hard to say. I’m busy recently.A.did; finishB.have; finishedC.will; finish D.do; finishWhat did Mr.Smith do before he came to China?—He in a car factory.A.workedB.worksC.is workingD.will workI many new friends since I came here.A.makeB.madeC.will makeD.have madeWhen I came back yesterday evening, my brother ________ his homework.A is doing B. has done C. was doing --Have you ever been to Shanghai?---Yes. I ________ there a few months ago.A have been B. went C. have gone Mary isn't here at the moment. She_________ later.A.comesB.cameC.has comeD.is comingI'm now in New York with my friend Jenny. We_________ by plane on Monday.A.arriveB.arrivedC.are arrivingD.will arrive—Mom, when can I go out to play football?—Finish your homework first, or I ________let you go out.A.don'tB.didn'tC.won'tD.haven't—Hi, guys. Where are you heading now?—Home. We _________all our money, so we have to walk home now.A.spendB.spentC.have spentD.are spendingThis morning I had hardly got to my school when it_____ to rain. A.had begun B.was beginning C.began D.begins—Why didn’t you go to play football with us yesterday afternoon? —I _____my mother with the housework then. A.helped B.was helping C.had helped D.have been he— Please turn off the radio, grandma ___now.—OK, I'll do it right now.A.is sleepingB.will sleepC.sleptD.sleepsI met a good friend of mine while Ion the street.A.walksB.walkC.was walkingD.am walkingI_______ my homework at nine o'clock last Sunday morning.A. am doingB. was doing C. doListen, our teachers ______ Red Songs in the next room.A. sang B. are singing C. sings—May I speak to Lin Tao?—Sorry, he is not in. He ______ to Changsha.A. has been B. has gone C. wentMr. Fan ___ this watch in 2005. he ____ it for 6 years. A.bought, has hadB.bought, hasC.has bought, has hadD.has bought, hadJim _________ in Zhuzhou since he finished his college. A. works B. is working C. has worked-Where's your father, Tom? -He__to Changsha.A. goes B. went C. has goneMrs. Weng came back from France in 2010. She _________ there for four years.A.works B. worked C. has worked—China develops so fast. —That’s true. It ______ a lot already. A.changesB.changedC.will changeD.has changed—How was your weekend?— We ________ great fun playing in the park. A.haveB.wereC.hadD.has—Lin Kai, hand in your homework, please.—Oh, sorry. I ______ it at home this morning.A.was leavingB.has leftC.will leaveD.leftMy pen pal said he would write to me, but I _____ any letters from him so far.A.won’t receiveB.haven’t receivedC.hadn’t receivedD.didn’t receive----Where is Michael? ----He____TV at home ,I think.A.watchesB.watchedC.is watchingD.was watchingI’ll give it to Jim as soon as I ____him tomorrow.A.sawB.will seeC.seeD.have seen— What was your brother like when he was young? — He _______ be quiet, but now he’s very outgoing.A.was used toB.used toC.used byD.was used for—Where are you going for your holiday?—Well, we _______ yet.A.haven’t decidedB.hadn’t decidedC.don’t decideD.didn’t decideI was doing my homework while my parents __________ TV last night.A.watchedB.were watchingC.have watchedD.are watchingGeorge and Lucy got married last Sunday. All their friends __________ to their wedding (婚礼).A.invitedB.were invitingC.have invitedD.were invited—The country has already sent up an unmanned spacecraft to the moon.—Yes. Chang’e I to the moon last October.A.has been sentB.has sent C.was sentD.sentYesterday, when I went past the classroom, I _______ someone _______.A.hear, singingB.heard, singingC.heard, sangD.hear, sangWhen I _______ the farm, the children had finished _______ the apples.A.reached, pickingB.got, pickingC.came, pickedD.arrived in, to pickLook at those clouds. It _____ rainA.is going toB.willC.must beD.can’t—Where is my pen?—I _________ it on the desk, but I don’t know who _________ it away.A.put; has takenB.put; took C.have put; tookD.have put; has takenI’ll do it better if my mother _______ me to try one more time.A.allowB.will allowC.allowsD.allowingHe thought he ________ a teacher two years later. A.will beB.is going to be C.would beD.was—The skirt looks different from the others and it’s really nice.—Thanks. It _________ by my mother last month.A.madeB.is madeC.has been madeD.was madeTina ________ England with her parents three years ago. A.visitsB.visitedC.will visitD.has visitedDon’t talk to me. My favorite pop star ________ on TV now.A.is singing B.will singC.singsD.sangYou won’t have the chance to succeed when you ________.A.gave upB.give up C.will give upD.are giving upOne of the most popular 3D films --- Avatar Ⅱ________ in 2014.A.put on B.is put onC.will put onD.will be put on--- Is Jason going to the party? --- I’m afraid not. He ________ to Hong Kong.A.goesB.wentC.has goneD.was goingMany teachers______cars nowadays. They drive to work every day. A.hasB.haveC.will haveD.hadYour teacher will be unhappy if you______to school late.A.will comeB.are comingC.comeD.came_What is Mom doing now? _She______in the kitchen for us.A.cooksB.is cookingC.cookedD.will cookMr. Li isn’t here. He______Shanghai on business. He will be back next Monday.A.wentB.has gone toC.has been toD.will go to_ How was your holiday last weekend? _Wonderful. I_______to the Great Wall with my parents.A.goB.wentC.am goingD.will go_Were you at home last night? _ No. I______to go to the concert.A.inviteB.am invitedC.invitedD.was invitedShe ______ to her feet and ran out of the room just now.A.jumpedB.jumpsC.was jumpingD.will jump— What are the kids doing?— They ______ flowers in the garden.A.waterB.wateredC.have wateredD.are wateringAvatar is an interesting film. I ______ it twice already.A.seeB.sawC.have seenD.will seeI will call you as soon as I ______ to Japan.A.getB.gotC.will getD.have gotA talk on pop music ______ in the school hall next Sunday.A.will giveB.givesC.be givenD.will be given— Do you know ______ yesterday afternoon?— Sorry, I’ve no idea. A.where was TomB.where Tom wasC.where is Tom D.where Tom is— Mary, can you help me?— Wait a moment. I dinner now.A.cookB.cookedC.was cookingD.am cookingMr. Miller to Shanghai for a visit as soon as the meeting is over. A.goesB.has goneC.will goD.wentWe in the same school for three years.A.were studyingB.have studiedC.will studyD.study— Can you speak Chinese?— Yes, I can. I _____ China for several years.A. have been inB. have been toC. have gone toThe contest during London Olympic Games in 2012.A. will be held B. was held C. will be had There_______ a concert to be shown in Hong Kong next week.A.will haveB.isC.will be D.has—My sports shoes are _____ out.—How long have you_____them?A.worn; boughtB.wearing; had C.wearing; boughtD.worn; hadMy uncle’s plane ____. Let’s wait for him here. A.hasn’t arrivedB.didn’t arriveC.doesn’t arriveD.couldn’t arrive--Has the match started?-- Finished! Guo Jingjing_____ it.A.winB.is winningC.will winD.won—Were you at school when it began to rain? —Yes. I with my teacher at that time. A.talk B.will talkC.was talkingD.am talking— Why didn’t you leave school? It’s already eight o’clock.— Because I my homework yet.A.wasn’t finishingB.wouldn’t finishC.haven’t finishedD.wasn’t finThe light rail from Wuhan to Wenquan in six months.A.will build B.has builtC.is buildingD.will be built______since he left his hometown.A.Ten years went byB.Ten years has passedC.It is ten years agoD.There are ten yearsShe ______ for ten hours at least. It was at nine that she fell asleep last night.A slept B had slept C has sleptD was sleeping—Wow, your new car looks so cool! —Thank you very much! I _____ it for two weeks.A.have hadB.have boughtC.boughtD.buy--- Did you see a girl with an English book pass by just now? --- No, sir. I _______ a magazine.A.read `B.am readingC.would readD.was readingI wonder if he _______ this weekend. If he ______, I’ll let you know.A.will come; will comeB.will come; comesC.comes; comesD.comes; will comeIt is hard to imagine what life __________ in 100 years.A.will likeB.will be likeC.likesD.might likeOn the night of February 14th, 2011, all the Chinese _________ by Guo Mingyi, a very common worker who ________ more than 180 poor children since 1994. A.are moLinda, with her parents,_______ the Wolf Hill, and they will be back this afternoon.A.has gone toB.have gone toC.has been toD.have been toAt present, many people would rather _________ in the country because there is _____ pollution in the city.A.live, moreB.to live, lessC.live, lessD.to live, mor—Where is your English teacher? I’m looking for him everywhere.—He _____ the Internet in the computer room.A.will searchB.has searchedC.searchedD.is searchin—How well do you know the Opera House?—I know the place very well. I ____ Sydney many times.A.have been inB.have been toC.have gone toD.have arrived inAndy has __________for five years. Five years _______ a long time.A .left home, is B. been away from home, is C. left home, areD. been away from home, are-- What’ s the weather like? -- Oh, it outside. Take an umbrella with you.A.rainsB.is rainingC.was rainingD.rainedBy the end of 2011, all of China’s public art galleries(画廊)________free to enter.A.have beenB.had beenC.will beD.would beThe writer told us that he________ a great number of short stories in the last few years.A.wroteB.was writtenC.has writtenD.had written—Where you last weekend?—I____ at my uncle’s home.A. are, am B. were. am C. were. wasthe girl was walking down the street, the alieninto a store. A. Until; went B. While; went C. While; was going—Where’s your brother? I haven’t seen him for several days. —HeTibet for holiday. A. have been to B. has gone to C. went toMany old buildings near the rivernext year and a beautiful park will appear.A. will pull down B. are pulled down C. will be pulled down—What was the teacher doing at that time?—He lessons at school.A.givesB.gaveC.was givingD.is giving---Do you like the skirt ? ---It _______ soft. A. felt B. feels C. is feltHe_______ a lot in the last few years. A.has changed B. changed C.changeIf it ________ this Saturday, we will ________ for a picnic.A.won’t rain; shall goB.doesn’t rain; will goC.isn’t rain; goD.doesn’t rain; go--- Did you see a girl in yellow pass by just now? --- No, sir. I ________ a magazine.A.readB.am readingC.would readD.was readingPlease hand in your homework as soon as it_________.A.finishesB.will finishC.is finishedD.will be finishedI’m sorry, I____________ the book in my home. A.forgetB.forgotC.leftD.leave—Is your brother a League member?—Yes, he____ the League three years ago. He____ a League member for three yearsA.joined; has been B.has joined; has been C.w—Where is my little dog?—Itthe back of the house.A.has gone toB.had gone toC.has been toD.had been toI hurt my leg badly, so I __________ go to school tomorrow.A.canB.will be able toC.won’t canD.won’t be able toCan you tell me where the 2012 Olympics ________ ___ ?A take place B will be taken place C will be held D will hold
They ________________for a year.A have borrowed the books B have gone toC have left home D have been in Japan---How does your brother like the song Two Butterflies?---Great! He _____ such a beautiful song before.A.doesn’t hearB.never hearC.is never heardD.has never hAll the information except these two pieces _____ writing the article.A.have been used toB.has been used toC.have been used forD.has been used forListen, a small number of students in the classroom.A. talkB. are talkingC. is talkingIf ittomorrow, we won’t go to the park.A.rainedB.rainsC.will rainD.rainingThe other day Ia letter from my uncle.A. gotB. will gotC. have got D. getIf Iten million dollars, I travel around the world.A.have ; willB.had ; willC.had ; willD.had ; would--The film “Avatar”(阿凡达)_______ on the TV next month. --Really? I’m looking forward to it.A.will showB.is showC.will be shownD.is shown-Is your father a Party member ? - Yes, he the Party three years ago. He a Party member for three years .A.has joined; has beenB.joined; has beenC.joined ;There _______ two basketball matches on TV this evening.A.are going to beB.is going toC.will haveD.are going to haveSally her MP4 for 3 years.A.have boughtB.has boughtC.have hadD.has had--- youthe film before? ----Yes, Iit last year.A.Did ; see ; sawB.Have ; saw; sawC.Have; seen; sawD.Have; seen; seenYou will _______ if you _______ late again, I think. A.punish; will comeB.be punished; will comeC.punish; comeD.be punished; comeJim has made many friends since he ______ to China.A.cameB.comesC.has comeD.will comeWhat are the children going to do if it_________ next Saturday?A.isn’t rainB.doesn’ t rainC.won’t rainD.don’t rain—Have you read a book called Jane Eyre?—Who _____it ?A writes B has written C was writing D wroteWhile I __________to the English programes, mother_______outside. A. listened; was washing B was listening;washed C was listening; was washing D listened; My uncle has just _______abroad. He won’t come back this month.A gone to B gone C been D been toSo far this year we________a fall in house prices by 5 and 10 percent.A.sawB.seeC.had seenD.have seen--Did you borrow the book from the library ? ---Yes. I _______ it for three days. I’ll return it this afternoon.A.borrowedB.keptC.have borrowedD.have keptMy sister____Beijing tomorrow. She works there. A:leaves B: is leaving for C:leaves for D: is leavingMy school life ___________in the past few years.A.changedB.has changedC.have been changedD.is changingI______yesterday.It was broken.A.had my bike repairB.had my bike repairsC.had my bike repaired D.has my bike repairedI _____ to you as soon as I get there.A.writeB.wroteC.have writtenD.will writeThe school day ______ at half past seven every morning.A.is beginB.beginsC.is beginningD.beginSimon, Kitty says she a comic book in your home yesterday.A.leavesB.leftC.forgetsD.forgot— What did you do last weekend?— I ______ shopping with my friends.A.goB.wentC.will doD.have goneMy coat is too small, so I’m _________. A. going fishing B. going swimmingC. going shopping D going camping— Have you been to your hometown this year?— Yes, and it has changed a lot ________.A.last yearB.in the last few yearsC.that yearD.in the next yearThe radio says it _____ later in the day, then we can go out to play.A.stops to rainB.stops rainingC.will stop rainingD.will stop to rainThese young trees must ______.A.look after wellB.be look after wellC.be looked wellD.be looked after wellLi Wei with his friends _______ work on the farm next week.A.goes toB.go toC.are going toD.is going toIf I______ you, I_______ go there at once.A.am, wouldB.am, willC.were, willD.were, wouldIf tomorrow______________ fine, we’ll grow the flowers.A.isB.beC.will beD.is going to beHe is so careless that he always ________his school things at home.A.forgetsB.forgotC.leavesD.left– You seem to know much about the city.– That’s true. I _______ it four times in the last three years.A.visitedB.am visitingC.have visitedD.will visitThe ________ boy ___________ the fire on May 10th.A.18 years old, put outB.18-year-old, put outC.18 years old, putted outD.18-year-old, putted out____ you play ____ piano ____ when you were young?A.Can, /, goodB.Could, /, wellC.Could, the , wellD.Can, the, good—Where the dictionary? I can’t see it.—I it right here a moment ago. But it’s gone.A.did you put, have putB.have you put, putC.had you put, have putD.were Not only his parents but also his brother to the Summer Palace. They haven’t been back.A.have beenB.have goneC.has beenD.has goneMy mother ___once a week.A.shopB.shopsC.to shopD.shoppingHe _______ to school by bus every day.A.goingB.goC.goesD.to go----Where’s your father? ----He ________Shanghai. He’ll be back next week.A. has gone to B. has been toC. have gone toHis grandfather and grandmother _____Chongqing for 40 years. They like living there.A.have been inB.have been to C.have gone toD.have moved toMy mother always ______ clothes in the evening, but tomorrow she ______ them in the afternoon.A. washes, washes B. washes, is going to wash C. washed, washes--Must I clean the classroom now, Miss Wang?--No, you needn’t . It by Bill. A.is cleaningB.should be cleanC.was cleanedD.has been cleaned---Will you please stay here a little longer? ---Sorry, I . I eat dinner with my mother. She’s coming.A.mustn’t; will have toB.don’t; have toC.can’t; It _____ me more than one hour to read the book yesterday.A.take B.takesC.to takeD.tookBy the time he arrived at the airport, the plane .A.has taken offB.was taking offC.would take offD.had taken off---Where is your father?---He isn’t here. He __________ Yushu to help the people in trouble.A.has gone toB.has been toC.wentD.is goingTheyin Beijing next Sunday.A. arrive B. arrived C arriving D. are arriving A student _________ from a tree and __________ his right leg.A.fell; hurtedB.fell; hurtC.falled; hurtD.falled; hurtedIt ___________ heavily when I left school yesterday.A.was snowingB.is snowingC.snowedD.is snowyI _________ my pen when I _____________ in the park.A.lost; was walkingB.lost; walkedC.was losting; was walkingD.was losting; walkedLoud music may make people ____ fast.A.to eatB.eatC.eatedD.eats---youthe cat?---Yes, I have. ---Whenyouit? ---Ten minutes ago.A.Did, feed; did, feedB.Have, fed; have, fedC.Did, feed; have, fedD.Have, fed; did, feedYou are too late. The film ______ since half an hour ago. A.has begun B.has been onC.beganD.beginsare on the beach.A Others,lyingB.Other,lying C .Others,lies D.Other,liesWhat the women under the tree ?A.is,doingB.does,doC.are,doingD.are,do— Tommy, do you know if Frank ______ to the zoo this Sunday if it _______?— Sorry, I have no idea. A.will go; is fineB.goes; is fine C.will go; is going to -–Hello! This is Henry speaking. I’d like to speak to your father.---Sorry, he has _______ Shanghai.A.been inB.been toC.gone toD.come toMy uncle _____ Beijing next week. He is having a meeting there.A.leavesB.is leavingC.is leaving forD.leave forI don’t know if it ______ tomorrow. If it ______, we’ll go out for a picnic.A.will rain; won’t rainB.rains; doesn’t rain C.rains; won’t rainD.will rain--- May I use your dictionary, please?--- Sorry. My dictionary. I’ve looked for it everywhere but I ______ it yet.A.has lost; don’t findB.is missing; hav_____ the girl _____ her hands now?A.Does; washB.Is; washC.Is; washingD.Do; washThe telephone rang when wedinner.A.hadB.haveC.are havingD.were havingListen! Someone in the next room.A.cryB.crysC.is cryingD.was cryingA large number of students planting trees now, the number of the students 2000.A.is, isB.are, isC.is, areD.are, are--- Where ___________ your pen pals from? --- The United States.A.does B.doC.isD.areMy family______watching TV in the sitting room now.My family_______a big one.A.are;isB.is;areC.are;areD.is;is---- Do you know Jack well? ---- Certainly, we _________ friends since ten years ago.A.wereB.have madeC.have becomeD.have been一Have you got any friends in China?—________.Daming and Lingling are my good friends.A.Yes,I doB.No,I don’tC.Yes,I have D.No,I haven’tTom realized that he ________ his physics book at home when he reached school.A.leftB.had leftC.was leavingD.leavesHer life ________ a lot during the last three years.A.changedB.changingC.has changedD.will change根据句意用所给词的适当形式填空。小题1: -- Where would you like to go on vacation? -- I’d like to go somewhere __________ (relax).小题2: More and more foreign It’s ten o’clock. The children are ___ a good time.A.havingB.doingC.takingD.playingMr. Green ___ to the manager now. You’d better call him later.A.talkB.talkedC.is talkingD.was talking用所给动词的适当形式填空小题1:Look, there are so many people over there. What ____(happen)?小题2:It’s seven in the morning. It’s time for us ____(go) to schBy the time she went outside, the bus ____ already ______ .A.had, goneB.had, went C.has, goneD.has, wentMr. Zhang ________ to school on the school bus every day.A.goingB.toC.isn’t go D.goesWhat ______ she ______ for vacation?A.does,doesB.is doingC.is do D.are doingSimon ishis English book, but he can’t _______ it.A.looking for, findB.finding, look forC.looking after, look for D.looking at, findI must return the book to the library. I _____ it for one week.A.keepB.borrowedC.have keptD.have lentHe will send me an e-mail as soon as he _____ in America.A.arriveB.arrivesC.arrivedD.will arriveIt’s two and a half weeks since the exchange students __________ Wuxi.A.arrivedB.reachedC.have been inD.have arrived in---Do you know our town?--- No, this is the first time I ________ here.A.wasB.have beenC.cameD.am coming--- Where is your mother?--- She _______ to Sichuan on business. She has ______ there four times recently.A.has gone, gone B.has been, beenC.has gone, been D.I won’t go to see the film this evening because I _____ my ticket just now.A.have lostB.will lostC.lostD.lose小题1:Listen! The radio says somethingbad________(happen) last night.小题2:He spent as much time as he could_______(study) different subjects.小题3:The teacher--When did you become a volunteer for the elderly?-- Two years ago. I ______ this group since then.A.joinedB.took part inC.have joinedD.have been in小题1:Few students ______( ask ) to work hard at their lessons here, are they?小题2:The police promised that they ______(solve) the case as soon as possible.小—Your father isn’t in. Where is he?HeBeijing on business.A.goes toB.has gone toC.wentD.has been toHea bike in the street when he was hit by a car.A.was ridingB. is ridingC.rodeD.ridesI called Mary many times yesterday evening. But I couldn’t get through. Her brother _____ on the phone all the time.A.talkedB.had talkedC.has talkedD.was tal——Why is the classroom so dirty?——Sorry, Sir. It _____ yesterday. We forgot to do it.A.doesn’t cleanB.didn’t cleanC.isn’t cleanedD.wasn’t cleanedThey ______ Hong Kong twice.A.have gone toB.have been toC.have been inD.have gone in--- Will you come to the dinner party?--- I will not come until Jenny __________.A.will be invitedB.can be invitedC.invitedD.is invitedHe__ at the last party. He felt sorry for it.A. makes some mistakesB make a mistakeC. made few mistakes D. made many mistakesNeither you or he ______ Hawaii before.A.has gone toB.have gone to C.have been toD.has been toWe don’t know If it _____. If it_____, we won’t go out for a walk.A.rains; will rain B.rains; rainsC.will rain; will rain D.will rain; rains
--What’s he doing?--He is______.A take photo B taking photosC takeing photos D takes photosLook! The girl ________in the classroom.A.dancesB.dancingC.is dancingD.danceTom often ________TV on Sundays. It’s Sunday today, and he_________ TV now.A.watches, is watchingB.is watching, is watchingC.watches, watchesD.is watching, wa---- What are they doing?---- Look, they ________ on the playground.A. are running B. runs C. is runningThere_________ a new film this afternoon.A.is going to haveB.is going to beC.will haveD.hasJangyina lot since 1978.A.has changed B.will changeC.changesD.changed---What are you doing now?---I _______ computer games with my sister.A.playB.am playingC.playsD.played---Where_____ you _____ these days? I haven’t seen you long.---To Britain. I left for London two months ago and returned last week .A.do, goB.will, goC.have--- Can you tell me when ________ play with me?--- I can play with you when my homework ________.A.you will, is finishedB.will you , finishes C.will you, is fi---Does Tom know anything about the accident that happened to his father?--- No. We ____ him anything about it.A.don’t tellB.aren’t telling C.haven’t toldD.I can’t go with you now. I _____ a lesson at nine o’clock this morning.A will be giving B would give C give D will give—Why, Jack, you look so tired!---Well, I _____the house and I must finish the work tomorrow.A.was paintingB.will be paintingC.have paintedD.have been paintingYou have been to Beijing. How long _______ you ______ there/A.did…stayB.have…stayedC.do…stayD.will…stayToday Chinese ______ by more and more people all over the world.A.was spokenB.is spokenC.spokeD.speakLook! What a clean room! Who_______ it?A.has tidiedB.is tidyingC.will tidyD.tidiedMost people _______when the big earthquake took place in that area.A.are sleepingB.were sleepingC.sleptD.sleepIt’s half past four. School is over. The children___ games happily on the playground.A.playB.are playingC.playedD.have played--- My plan is ______ videos at home. What are you going to do, Jenny?--- Well, I prefer ______movies at the cinema.A.to watch, seeB.watching, seeC.watching, We ______ Miss Han ______ our English party if she is free.A. invited; to come B. will invite; to come to C. invite; coming---What is the boy doing?---He _____________ happily.A swims B swam C has swum D is swimmingMore and more dangerous work _____________ by robots in ten years.A is finishedB was finishedC will be finished D has been finished—Do you have any problems if you ____this job?—Well, I’m thinking about the working day.A.offerB.will offerC.are offeredD.have offered---How’s the weather in your city?---It _________.A.rainsB.is rainingC.has rainedD.will rainHe ______ at that school a year ago.A.studiesB. studyC.studyingD.studied—— What’s she doing for vacation?——She’s _____ Beijing. A.visitingB.visitsC.visitingD.is visitingMy father ______ me my first model car ten years ago.A.givesB.will giveC.gaveD.has givenWe won’t go shopping if it ________ this afternoon.A.rainsB.rainingC.doesn’t rainD.not rain--I called you yesterday evening, but there was no answer.--Oh, I’m sorry I __________in the shopping mall.A.shopB.shoppedC.was shoppingD.have shopped--Mary, where’s Simon? I haven’t seen him for days.--He __________ Japan. This may be the third time he _________ there.A.has been to, has gone toB.has beeMr. Greento the manager now. You’d better call him later.A.talkB.talkedC.is talkingD.was talkingMary told me that shean old people house the next day.A. will visit B. would visit C. is going to visit ------ Will you come to the dinner party?------ I won’t come until Jenny __________.A. can be invited B. invited C. is invitedHe _____ in his English Test Paper. His teacher was very angry with him.A.makes some mistakesB.make a mistake C.made few mistakesD.made many mistakes-Why didn’t you go to the cinema with us this afternoon, Jim?-Because I ______ at the station for my uncle from Beijing at that time.A.was waitingB.have waiteHe __________a basketball,but a baseball.A.isn’t haveB.isn’t hasC.doesn’t have D.doesn’t has— I called you at nine this morning, but there was no answer.— Oh, sorry, I ______ with my sister in the shopping center.A.shopB.was shoppingC.shoppedD.will sh— Please turn off the radio, grandma ___now.—OK, I’ll do it right now.is sleeping B. will sleep C. slept D. sleepsI_______ my homework at nine o’clock last Sunday morning.A. am doingB. was doing C. do-Where’s your father, Tom?-He__to Changsha.A. goes B. went C. has goneListen! Someone _________ for help!A. called B. is calling C. has called—What’s that noise?—Oh, I forgot to tell you. The neighbors _______ for a party.A.prepareB.are preparingC.will prepareD.have preparedBy the end of the last month, I _____________ all the CDs of Justin Bieber.A.collectB.collectedC.have collectedD.had collectedNow my father __________ his bike to work every day instead of driving.A.rideB.rodeC.ridesD.will rideWe are glad to hear that the Greens __________ to a new flat next week.A.movedB.movedC.will moveD.have movedHe will dress himself in two years.A.canB.couldC.be able toD.able toWill there be more people in 100 years, do you think? , I hope.A.No, there isn’tB.No, there aren’tC.No, there won’tD.No, they won’t— I called you yesterday but no one answered.— Well, Maybe I in the garden at that time.A.workedB.am workingC.was workingD.would work— There are many people over there. What to the old man?— Sorry, I don’t know.A.was happenedB.will happenC.were happenedD.happenedWhat you at this time yesterday?A.do, doB.have, doneC.were, doingD.are, doingMike and Ito the zoo andsome tigers there yesterday.A.go; sawB.go; seeC.went; seeD.went; sawJack the first prize because he studied very hard.A.winB.wonC.failD.failedIf I find his phone number, I_______ you.A.tellB.toldC.will tellD.have toldWhen summer __, some children will go to the seaside for fun.A.comesB.cameC.will comeD.would come--Tommy, do you know if Frank __ to the zoo this Sunday if it __?--Sorry, I have no idea.A.will go; is fineB.goes; is fineC.will go; is going to be fineD.goWhile the boy ______ down the street, the UFO _____ . A.was walking; was landingB.walked; landedC.was walking; landedD.walked; was landing---Don’t play soccer in the street. --- Sorry, I do that again.A.didn’tB.won’tC.don’tD.can’tI think China ______ a much stronger and more beautiful country in 2050.A.becomeB.will becomeC.becomesD.becameYou shouldn’t ________ here . The baby _____.A.play; sleepingB.to play; is sleeping C.plays; sleepsD.play ; is sleepingI am very sad that I ______ many chances in the last few years.A.missB.missedC.have missedD.am missingHis mother ____ in a village five years ago.A.livesB.lived C.is living D.will liveThere will _________ robots in people’s homes.A.beB.areC.haveD.hasWhat ____ you ______ at this time yesterday? A.did ; do B.is; doing C.were; doingD.are ; doingMy brother _______ an English teacher in ten years.A.wasB.isC.areD.will be—Where is Mr. Green now ? I haven’t seen him for a few days .—He _____ to Hong Kong .A.goesB.will goC.is goingD.has gone- Is your father in?- No, he ______ for three hours.A.was out B.has been out C.went out D.has gone out-Why not go to see the dolphin show with me?-Because I _______ it.A.sawB.will seeC.seeD.have seen-______ he______ at this school last term?-Yes, I think so.A.Did, studyB.Has, studiedC.Was, studyD.Did, studiedWhile Suzy ______ on the sofa, the phone rang.A.was sleepingB.sleptC.sleepsD.is sleeping—Do you __________ an American friend?—No, I don’t. But my sister __________ one.A.has, hasB.has, haveC.have, have D.have, has——Why is the classroom so dirty?——Sorry, Sir. It _____ yesterday. We forgot to do it.A.doesn't cleanB.didn't cleanC.isn't cleanedD.wasn't cleanedMr. and Mrs. Black ______ back _________.A.hasn’t come, yetB.haven’t come , yetC.haven’t come, alreadyD.hasn’t come , already------- _______ you _______ the book ______ to the library yet. ------ Yes. I have.A.Have ,returned,/B.Have, returned, back C.Did return ,/D.Did, returnThere ______ great changes in our hometown in the past fifteen years.A.has beenB.have beenC.wasD.were---I called you yesterday evening, but there was no answer. ----- Oh, I’m sorry. I _____ dinner at a restaurant at that time.A.haveB.hadC.was havingD.have haWhat_____just now?A.did he happenB.did happen to himC.happen to himD.happened to himI hope you _________ to my birthday party this evening.A.to comeB.comesC.comingD.will comeThere _______a class meeting this afternoon?A.will haveB.is going to haveC.haveD.is going to beThe girl spends at least as much time singing as she __________.A.studiesB.does studyingC.is studyingD.does to studyIt’s said that scientists have ________ a way to deal with the serious diseaseA.caught up withB.come up withC.agreed withD.compared with---Do you have any problems if you __________ this job?---Well, I’m thinking about the working day. A.offerB.will offerC.are offeredD.will be offered--- I bought the digital camera two months ago. --- You mean that you __________ it for two months. A.have hadB.have beenC.have boughtD.have taken---Excuse me. You shouldn’t smoke here. Look at the sign “NO SMOKING HERE”.--Sorry, I ________ it just now.A.doesn’t seeB.haven’t seenC.didn’t seeD.hadn’—Have you ever been to Shanghai, Mary?—Yes. I ______ there for three days with my parents last year.A.have goneB.have beenC.wentD.wasNick _______a job, but to our surprise, he didn’t take it.A.is offeredB.offeredC.was offeredD.has offeredAfter I ______ my homework, I went out to an aquarium.A.was doingB.didC.does D.would do---Why haven’t you asked her to come here?---She _______ an important experiment when I found her and she _____ it. A.had done; didn’t finishB.was doing; h--- It’s difficult for the village children to cross the river for school.--- I think a bridge _______ over the river. A.should be builtB.is being builtC.has -Where’s your father?-He__________ Hongkong for three days.A.has gone toB.has been inC.has been toD.went toHer uncle _________ to the factory .He will be back __________ an hour .A.has gone, afterB.has been, inC.has gone, in D.has been, afterI’m sorry you’ve missed the train. It _______ 10 minutes ago.A.has leftB.had leftC.leftD.has been awayWhen ___you _____ your breakfast this morning? At 6.00.A.have, hadB.did, haveC.are, have D.has, hadHurry up! The filmfor ten minutes.A.was on B.startedC.has been onD.has started---Could you tell me when your father___back?---I’m not sure now. but when he ___next week, I’ll tell you.A.return, comesB.will come, returnsC.comes, will r---What did he _______ just now? ---Sorry, I didn’t catch his words. I ­­­­_______ about something else.A.speak; am thinkingB.talk; tho---_____ did your uncle leave his hometown?---He ________ for nearly twenty years.A.When; has leftB.When; has been awayC.How long; has left D.How long; has---Jim isn’t in the classroom. Where is he?--- He ____ to the teacher’s office?A.will goB.has goneC.had goneD.is goingOur teacher ____ in our school for 29 years and he ____ here when he was 23 years old.A.has taught has comeB.taught , comesC.taught , cameD.has taught, cameTo be honest, I don’t want to tell him unless he ______ me.A.askedB.asksC.will askD.has asked----What a nice bike! How long have you ______ it ? ----- For a week. I spent all my money on it. A.boughtB.hadC.takenD.kept—What do you think of the color of my bedroom?—Sorry, but what did you say? I ________ about something else.A.thinkB.thoughtC.am thinkingD.was thinking
Toby ______ talk ______ and does ______. Then he can be a good boy.A.is, little, manyB.will, less, moreC.is going to be, more, lessD.will, more, lessWhat is your mother doing?---She ___ for oranges.A.is shoppingB.is buyingC.buysD.shopsI think your mother is_____you at the school gate at the moment.A.waitingB.waiting forC.waiting forD.is waitingBob is ________ at the map to find where Beihai Park is.A.lookingB.looksC.lookedD.lookListen! Someone _____ songs.A.are singingB.singingC.singD.is singing---- What are you _____, Tom?----- I’m ________ TV programs.A.doing, watchesB.doing, watchingC. do, watchingD.do, watch______ you _______ for a picnic next Sunday?A.Are, willB.It, willC.Are, thereD.Are, going—Are you still busy ?—Yes, I _______ my work and it won’t take long .A.just finishB.am just finishingC.have just finishedD.finished--- Have you seen the film Titanic? ---No , but I ________.A.didn’tB.haven’tC.am going toD.am not going toJack’s grandfather ________for more than twenty years.A.has deadB.has diedC.has been diedD.has been dead-What do you think of my answer to the questions?-Sorry. What’s that? I______ about something else.A.thoughtB.had thoughtC.am thinkingD.was thinking—What did Lucy say?—She said she _______ Hangzhou the next year.A.would visitB.will visitC.visitedD.is visiting—I called you yesterday evening, but there was no answer.—Oh, I’m sorry. I ________ dinner in my friend’s home.A.haveB.will haveC.was havingD.have had--- Where is Mike now?--- Look! He _______the classroom.A.cleansB.cleaningC.is cleaningD.to cleanThere was going to ___ a struggle between her two friends. She doesn’t know __ to deal with it.A.be, howB.has, whatC.be, whatD.have, how——You are leaving your school. How do you like it?——Very much, of course, I ______ this school since I moved here.A.came toB.have gone toC.have been toD.have He ________ his homework at 9 o’clock yesterday .A. does B. was doing C. did–Why didn’t you answer my phone last night?–I ______ on my way home.A.droveB.was drivingC.has drivenD.had drivenThere __________ an English speech next week.A.will haveB.will beC.isD.has ---Bob doing homework?---No, he isn’t. He is a letter.A.Does, writesB.Is, writes C.Does, writingD.Is, writingThere ______ a friendly basketball match at school this afternoon.A.is going to have B.will haveC.is going to beD.are going to haveWe___________ win the game. The other team is not strong at all.A.willB.shallC.are going toD.wouldThere _______ an English party this weekend.A.isB.areC.is going to beD.is going to haveThere _________more doctors in our hospital next term.A.Will haveB.is going to haveC.will beD.isI ________my homework while my parents _________TV last night.A.did; have watchedB.was doing; were watchingC.had done; were watchingD.would do ;were watchin---How long have you ______ the map?---For two years. I ______ it in the market two years ago.A.bought; hadB.had; boughtC.had; hadD.bought; boughtPeople are really ______________ when they listen to music .A.relaxedB.relaxing C.relaxD.to relaxIf it _______ tomorrow morning,we’ll go out for a picnic.A.won’t rainB.doesn’t rainC.isn’t raining D.isn’t going to rainWhile I _______ down the street, I _______ my classmates.A.was walking; metB.walked; metC.was walking; was meetingD.walked; was meetingTen years ago _______ only one building in our school. And in 10 years, _______ five buildings in our school.A.there will be; there areB.there was; there areShe told me the sun _______ in the east.A.riseB.roseC.rises D.had risen---Is that Jack speaking?---Sorry, he _______ in. He _______ back in half an hour.A.isn’t; will be B.wasn’t; willC.isn’t; isD.wasn’t; was---Excuse me. Where is Lily? ---Oh, she _______ the volleyball match on the playground when I saw him just now.A.watchesB.will watchC.is watchingD.was watchinMy father _______ to Shanghai. He _______ for over 2 months.A.has been, has leftB.has gone, has goneC.has gone, has been awayD.has been, has goneMy mother _______________ my aunt called her.A.was cooking whileB.cooked whenC.cooked whileD.was cooking whenI _____________ his letter for a week.A.heard fromB.have receivedC.have hadD.have gotThere _______a basketball match in our school next Monday.A.will haveB.is going toC.will beD.is going to have—Were you at home at 9:00 pm yesterday?— Yes, I _______ for a call at that time.A.was waitingB.am waitingC.will wait D.waited—What did she______?—She said she ______to Beijing for a trip.A.said; will goB.say; was goC.say; was goingD.said; was going----Where’s your brother? ----He _______ to Beijing for the training.A.is goingB.has goneC.will goD.went--- How was your day off?--- Pretty good! I ______ the science museum with my classmates.A.visitB.visitedC.am visitingD.will visitYou’ll like it if you ______ on the sea.A.are surfingB.will surfC.surfedD.have surfedI a primary school student two years ago.A.wasB.amC.beD.were--- Don’t be late for class again, Tommy.--- Sorry, I ______.A don’t B am not C didn’t D won’tAll the club members _______ the floor when they heard someone _______ for help.A.swept; were shoutingB.swept; shoutedC.were sweeping; shoutingD.were sweepinAmy ____ the school library. She ______ books three times a week.A.has gone to; has used to borrowB.has been to; used to borrowC.has gone to; has been used — Be careful! A car may hit you. — Thank you! I I so close to the road.A.didn’t know; am standingB.don’t know; am standingC.didn’t know; was standingD.diLook! The Greens _______ in the room.A.readsB.were readingC.are readingD.readThere _______ a football match in our school next week.A.is going to haveB.isC.is going to beD.are----I’m sorry. I’m late for the music presentation.--- Why are you so late? The presentation _______ for 10 minutes.A.has begunB.has stoppedC.has been over---Will you please go to see the movie Guanyinshan with me tonight? ---No, I won’t. I _________it many times.A.have seenB.sawC.will seeD.seeHe _____ play the piano since he was young. He is very famous now.A.has couldB.has been able toC.could D.was able to- So far, our country _____ a lot. - Yes, I agree with you.A.changeB.changedC.changesD.has changedMr. White is going to marry a girl he __________ in Paris last year.A.meetsB.metC.has metD.would meet---- Have you heard of Steven Jobs, the co-founder and CEO of Apple? ---- Yes, but it’s a pity that he has _____ for a half year..A.diedB.been dyingC.been de----- There ____ a wonderful football match between Class Four and Class Three during outdoor activity this afternoon. Would you like to watch? ----- Sure, I’There ____ two Chinese classes tomorrow morning.A.is going to haveB.are going to be C.is going to beD.are going to haveYesterday I didn’t _____ any seals but _____ some dolphins.A.see, sawB.see, seeC.saw , seeD.saw, sawShe ______ out with her friends the day before yesterday.A.hangB.hungC.hangedD.hangsThere ________ a basket ball match this afternoon.A.will beB.will haveC.are going to beD.is going to haveWhile Ann ___ TV, her father came home.A.is watchingB.was watchingC.watchD.watchesDon’t talk here. Grandparents ____.A.sleepB.is sleepingC.are sleepingD.sleeping—Where does your cousin live?— She _____ Toronto.A.liveB.lives inC.livesD.live inLook! The boys football under the tree.A.playB.is playC.is playingD.are playing---Whatyou when it is snowing? --- I do some washing with my mother at home.A.are, doB.are, doingC.do, doD.are, going to doWhile he ________ his homework , his mother came in.A.doesB.didC.was doingD.doMy friend _______ well in English , so she often helps me with my projects .A.doB. doesC.is doingD.are doingLook! Who ___________ on the blackboard?A.writesB.is writingC.are writingD.writing---Listen! Who ______ in the next room? ---I think Sam is.A.singB.singsC.singingD.is singingLook! The students ________ basketball on the playground .A.playB.playingC.are playingD.is playing—My sister looks very upset. What should I do?—I think she happy if you ____a surprise party for her .A.is; haveB.will be; will haveC.is; will haveD.will b­—I think there ____more students in our school next term.—Well, I think so.A.will beB.is going to haveC.will haveD.are going to have—What were you doing at 8 o’clock this morning?—____. A.I am having breakfast.B.I want to go to visit my grandfather. C.I was talking with my teacher at tha---Shanghai is a beautiful city. Do you think so? ---Yes, I _______ there last year and fell in love with it.A.goB.will goC.have goneD.went---What is he going to_____ when he ____up?---He’s going to be a doctor.A.do, growB.do, growsC.be, growD.be, grows——Where is Mr. Black? I can’t find him.——Oh, he ________ his car behind the house now.A.washedB.is washingC.will washD.has washedHurry up! The film for ten minutes.A.beganB.has been onC.has begunD.will begin----I came to your office yesterday morning, but nobody was in.----Oh, we__________ a meeting in the meeting room.A.have hadB.hadC.were havingD.had hadThere an exciting softball match on TV this evening.A.will haveB.are going to haveC.are going to beD.is going to be—Why _________Beijing Duck?—Good idea. Let’s go.A.not eatB.don’t eatC.don’t you to eatD.not to eatI will _______ him when I _______free.A.call, amB.call to, amC.call, will beD.call to, will beMy parents and I _______ abroad last year.A.goB.will goC.are goingD.wentMy cousin is a secretary. She ______in that company for over six years.A.will workB.is workingC.has workedD.worksTheir car broke down while they ________in the desert.A.droveB.were drivingC.are drivingD.will driveWhen the rain _____tomorrow, we will go shopping. A.will stop B.stops C.stopJim usually ____ his homework in the evening, but he ____ books now.A. does; reads B does; is reading C. is doing; reads— Listen! What’s the noise?— My brother ______ the program of the World Cup in the sitting room.A.watchesB.has watchedC.is watchingD.watchedI can’t believe these photos ______ by such a little girl.A.takeB.tookC.be takenD.were taken— Where’s Tom? He is wanted on the phone.— Sorry, he ______ to the library. A.goesB.has goneC.will goD.was going I ______ the film if I’m free next Sunday.A.seesB.sawC.will seeD.has seen------Shall we go out for a walk this afternoon? ------We’ll go there if it __________.A.won’t rainB.isn’t rainingC.don’t rainD.doesn’t rainHurry up! The film_______ for ten minutes.A.beganB.has begun C.has been onD.will beginIt’s two and a half weeks since the exchange students __________ Taixing.A.arrivedB.reached C.have been inD.have arrived in—Is that Mr. Wang speaking?—Sorry. He isn’t at home. He ________ abroad for a trip.A.has gone toB.has been toC.has goneD.has been--- ____________ you seen the 3-D film Titanic yet? --- Yes. I __________it a few days ago.A.Did , sawB.Have, sawC.Do, have seenD.Have, have seen---Nanjing develops so fast. A fourth underground line is being built. ---That’s true. It __________ a lot already. A. changes B. changed C. has changed ---Is your father still in Shanghai? ---Yes, he _________there for two weeks.A.has gone toB.has goneC.has been inD.has been---When _______ your computer ___________? ---Yesterday afternoon.A.did ; repairB.did ; repaired C.was ;repaired D.has ;repaired---Is this your dictionary? ---Yes. I ________ it for two weeks. (Which is NOT right?)A.have borrowedB.have hadC.have keptD.have ownedIt is said that the meeting _______ for a week.A.has been endedB.has lastedC.has beganD.has been held