A smile ________ the mother's face when the son walked onto the platform to receive the prize.A.lit upB.brought upC.put upD.took up Hurricane Sandy's arrival and its effects ________ New York's offices being closed for three days.A.carried outB.came up withC.led toD.caught up with Only ticket­holders were ________ to the stadium for the concert given by Jay Chou, so many of his fans were turned away.A.allowedB.permittedC.agreedD.adm At last, we found ourselves at the foot of a hill with trees providing shade and ________ down to eat our picnic lunch.A.sittingB.having satC.to sitD.sat—Ouch! You hurt me.—I'm sorry. But I ________ any harm. I ________ to drive a rat out.A.don't mean; am tryingB.didn't mean; triedC.haven't meant; trie—Have you ever been to Singapore?—Yes, I ________ there three times in 2009 alone.A.have beenB.have goneC.wentD.had goneI had wanted to take the career of being a model, but I ________ not good at dealing with constant media attention.A.had beenB.has beenC.amD.was—How long have you been in this office?—Just a few minutes.My cousins ________ here together with me.A.have walkedB.had walkedC.walkedD.have been walking—It seems that you know Dr. John very well. —Of course, we ________ together for five years in the 1990s.A.have workedB.had workedC.are workingD.worked—How long have you been going to work on foot?—Since last month when I ________ from a heart attack.A.recoveredB.have recoveredC.was recoveringD.would recover—Lily is going to make a presentation in class this afternoon.—Oh, really? I ________ it was Michael's turn.A.thinkB.have thoughtC.thoughtD.am thinking She is a well­known doctor now, but she ________ as a cleaner at the hospital for five years.A.has workedB.workedC.had workedD.works—The heavy snow hasn't caused any inconvenience to people in Nanjing, has it?—Yes. Just imagine the city ________ with nearly 20 centimeters of snow one night—Was he still there when you were away to answer the phone?—There is no doubt about it, but he ________ soon afterwards.A.had leftB.has leftC.is leavingD.left—That must have been a terrifying experience.—Yeah. I ________ in the damaged car, unable to move.A.was stuckB.have been stuckC.am stuckD.had been stuck—Have you heard about that school bus accident?—Yes, fortunately all on board including the driver ________.A.were savedB.was savedC.have savedD.has been savedAfter working until midnight for two weeks, he finally ______ and had to stay in the hospital.A.broke up B.gave inC.broke downD.gave up—Did you sleep well last night? — No, the loud noise from the street ______ me awake for hours.A.had keptB.is keepingC.has keptD.keptCamacho,the former Chinese football coach,__________ in China between 2011 and 2013A.have workedB.workedC.had workedD.worksSheldon could have defeated Howard in the match, but he _______ too careless at the last minute.A.isB.wasC.has been D.had beenWhen the young man was shown the evidence, he _______ and told everything he had done to the police.A.broke upB.broke awayC.broke offD.broke downSusan didn't finish the job on time. Now Mr Brown realizes that he ______ too much of her then.A.is expectingB.expectedC.expectsD.would expectI often have a hard time _______myself from my bed or even rolling over to write everything have dreamt in my notebook.A.draggedB.to dragC.dragD.dragging______ the help of the teacher, the student who wasn’t good at math ______ the difficult problem quickly.A.Under; worked outB.With; worked onC.Under; solvedThe 2012 Nobel Prize in Literature _____ to Mo Yan, Chinese writer ,whose novel Red Sorghum was successfully filmed in 1987.A.returnedB.distributedC.awardedD.weI can’t believe you got fined for speeding.Iof you to be the most careful.A.am thinkingB.thinkC.have thoughtD.thoughtThis is not a typical summer camp, but Michelle is glad she _______ it.A.came down withB.signed up forC.got away fromD.did away withWhen asked about the secret about staying young, he said that a balanced diet __________ with exercise was the recipe for a healthy life.A. conductedB. conclude The teacher suggested that the dictionary ______ at once .A.be referred to be boughtB.be referred to being boughtC.referred to being boughtD.referred to be bouNot until he went through real hardship ________the love we have for our families is important.A.had he realizedB.did he realizeC.he realizedD.he had realizedHe was a bit nervous. He _________his spare breath with a soft sound that was almost heard by the audience.A.gave outB.let outC.picked outD.blew out.Mr. Brown repeated his words to his son, raising his voice a bit, but stillno answer. A.receivedB.receiving C.had received D.to receiveHe ________ the beautiful painting without hearing me.A.stared atB.glared atC.glanced atD.watch outMary did do some bad things about me, but I have ______ her for that.A.regrettedB.freedC.relaxedD.forgivenDark clouds _______ the sunlight. It seemed as if it was going to rain.A.left outB.picked outC.blocked outD.put outMy parents expected too much of me. When they heard that I hadn’t passed the college entrance examination, they almost ______. A.broke upB.broke downC.broke oAfter several rounds of the Voice of China Competition,Ji Ke Jun Yi because of her excellent voice and performance.A.put outB.picked outC.broke outD.stood outWe didn’t plan that well, but the party _______ to be a great success.A.turned outB.turned onC.turned overD.turned up When I was in Spain last summer, I ______ quite a lot of Spanish.A.made upB.picked upC.gave upD.took upA horrible thought _________ him when he was waiting for Tom in the airport: what if the plane from Malaysia had been hijacked(劫持)?A.attackedB.struckC.beatD.oHeads from different countries gathered in Amsterdam and President Xi jinping _____ a speech on nuclear safety.A.stated B.issued C.delivered D.addressedI’ll never forget the good trick my classmates ________ on me when I was in the primary school.A.paidB.actedC.playedD.madeThe rescuers _______ to work as soon as they arrived at the spot of the accident.A.set outB.set offC.set upD.set inThe news that he failed in the exam _______ his unhappiness this morning.A.accounted forB.accounting forC.had accounted forD.to account forThe telephone _____ three times in the last hour, and each time it _____ for my sister.A.had rung; wasB.has rung; wasC.rang; has beenD.has been ringing; is----May you _______ the experiment!----Thank you very much.A.success inB.succeed to doC.succeed in doingD.succeed doingHe was wild with joy when he ______ a solution to the difficult problem.A.made up with B.put up withC.came up withD.kept up withHis first baby was born soon after he got married, which seemed to have _____ his sense of responsibility.A.brought downB.brought outC.brought aboutD.brought in The girl _______ in bed _______ to us that she had _______ the dictionary on the bookshelf.A.lay; lied; layB.lying; lied; laidC.lying; lay; laidD.lied; When the questions got personal during the talk show, the actress ________ in tears as she opened up about the wounds she suffered.A.broke upB.broke downC.brokeAfter the trainer was sure that the whale could look after itself, he _______ it into the sea.A.transportedB.deliveredC.releasedD.handledChina’s economic and social development requires more substantial reforms, as unnecessary government influence on the private sector has _______ an abuse of autThe snowstorm ________ our difficulties.A.added toB.added upC.added up to D.has addedThe beautiful girl stood there until the train ___________.A.lost sightB.caught sightC.was out of reachD.got out of sight The couple who were not _______ to each other ended up in divorce.A.committedB.relatedC.attendedD.contributed The increasing number of cars on the road _______ traffic. This was the reason why we couldn’t get here on time.A.choked backB.choked downC.choked outD.choke It _______ that Chinese football team beat Japanese team at the last moment in the Universiade in Shenzhen.A.turned upB.turned outC.turned downD.turned overThe opportunity Jack had looked forward________at last when he was named chief engineer in the project.A.cameB.to comingC.to cameD.to comeThe new teacher referred to________to our school yesterday.A.comeB.cameC.comingD.comesThe hunter________that tiger,but luckily,it avoided________.A.shot;being shot atB.shot at;being shotC.shot;shootingD.shot at;shot at(2014·安徽省芜湖三校一模)A recent study has ________an unexpected conclusion that the African elephant should be divided into two different species.A.kept up wi(2014·江苏苏州六校联考)The train moved slowly from the station,but________speed as it reached the open country.A.picked upB.looked upC.put upD.made up(2014·银川一中质检)Little Johnny felt the bag,curious to know what it________.A.collectedB.containedC.loadedD.saved(2014·焦作质检)The film Lost in Thailand________a great success and brought in a large profit to the cinema.A.appreciatedB.seizedC.wonD.enjoyed(2014·北京四中期中)The children________very well last night and the audience were attracted by their play.A.permittedB.performedC.pretendedD.presented(2014·银川一中第四次考试)When I was very young,I was terribly frightened of school,but I soon________it.A.got offB.got acrossC.got onD.got over(2014·安徽皖南八校三联)A positive attitude,________with willingness to seek appropriate help and exercising solid study habits,will do much to determine how we(2014·河北高三教学质量监测)While working outdoors,Linda was________by the heat and fell to the ground,unconscious.A.astonishedB.depressed C.overcomeD.hit—Did he say anything that appealed ________ you especially?—Not really. Actually I slept halfway through his speech.—Jack, this is the third time that you have been late this week.—Sorry, sir, but I was help ________ for 15 minutes on the way here in the traffic jam.—I hear that you will be on travel again.—Yeah. My boss arranged ________ me to discuss business details with someone from another company.Over the past 30 years, China has spent hundreds of billions of yuan to pull its rural population out of poverty. Now China's anti­poverty efforts pay____—Have you finished your homework yet?—Not yet, I set ________ to do it just a few minutes ago.(2014年安徽省合肥市高三第三次教学质量检测)30. Nervous and anxious, Jill failed ______ a good impression at the job interview.A.to have made B.makingC.to makeD.It is widely acknowledged that students should bein terms of overall quality.A.supportedB.matchedC.evaluatedD.controlledThey got married and ________in Shanghai.A.settledB.settlingC.to settling downD.settling downI've made a mistake, though I didn't ________.A.intendB.intend soC.intend toD.intend makingAll thenewspapers the trade talks between China and the United States.A.leading;printedB.leading;reportedC.led;publishedD.led;announcedIn the experiment we kept a watchful eye __________ the development and recorded every detail.A.withB.onC.forD.toThe professor devoted all his life __________ the treatment of AIDS.A.to researchB.in researchingC.to researchingD.at researchingKate asked the girl to ________ so that she could hear what her husband said on the phone.A.slow downB.come downC.settle downD.break down