I watched the man for a long time and wanted to know.A.whether I have seen him beforeB.where I had seen him beforeC.that I had seen him beforeD.when did I see h__________, and you'll get your research findings recognized in the medical circle.A.Making a bit more effortB.If you make a bit more effortC.Given a bit more --- Do you know our city at all? --- No, this is the first time I ________ here.A.wasB.cameC.have comeD.had comeOnly when the war was over ____ return to his hometowns. A.have the soldiersB.the soldiersC.the soldiers didD.did the soldiersNot all the students obey the rules. Which of the following statement has the same meaning as it.A.None of the students obey the rules.B.All the students don’“We can hardly wait to see him” has same meaning as _________.A.he can ’t be seen by usB.we can see himC.it is hard for us to see himD.we want to see him at onI don’t know the restaurant,but it is ____ to be quite a good one.A.saidB.toldC.spokenD.talkedThe mother didn’t know _____to blame for the broken glass as it happened while she was out.A.whoB.whichC.theyD.that --Have you got any particular plans for the coming holiday?-- Yes. ______, I’m going to visit the Palace Museum.A.If necessaryB.If possibleC.If anyD.If everIt is the third time that he ____ abroad on business this year.A.goesB.wentC.has goneD.go—Dock doesn't know much about computers. —.A.So he did B.So does MaryC.Neither do ID.Nor will MaryWhoever wants to go hiking this weekend, raise your hands, ______?A.do youB.don’t youC.will youD.will theyTom is so lazy that it is the third time that he ______ late this week.A.has cameB.is comingC.cameD.has comeIt is almost five years ______ we saw each other last time.A.beforeB.sinceC.thatD.when一How can we reduce C02 in our home?一It’s easy.________ off your TV or computers when you’re not usingthem and you’ll greatly reduce it.A.TurnB.To turnC.Tur—Tom, can you go shopping with me? —No, I can’t. Actually ______ likes shopping.A.not someoneB.no someoneC.no everyoneD.not everyoneand we’ll finish the work ahead of time.A.An hour earlierB.If we start an hour earlierC.Starting an hour earlierD.Started an hour earlier_______, I believe, and you will find the student is very outgoing.A.One talk with himB.Given a talk with himC.Having a talk with himD.If you have a talk with hHe has to finish the experiment today. He must be in the lab, ______?A.mustn’t heB.won’t heC.doesn’t heD.isn’t he______________should be paid to our study,and only in this way ________make progress.A.Heart;we can B.Mind;can weC.Attention;can weD.Notice;we canI really miss my American friend Nick. It's nearly four years _____we last meet.A.thatB.asC.untilD.since______ careful you are, ______ mistakes you will make.A.The less; the betterB.The more; the fewerC.The fewer; the richerD.The more ; the poorerIt is the first time that we ________ a film in the cinema together as a family.A.see B.had seen C.saw D.have seen–My room gets very cold at night.--__________.A.So is mine.B.So mine isC.So does mineD.So mine doesI don’t think that the necklace is made of diamond, ________?A.do I B.do you C.isn’t it D.is it,mother will wait for him to have dinner together.A.However late is heB.However he is lateC.However is he lateD.However late he isIt was in time of dangerhe made the final decisionthey should send more doctors there. A.that ;thatB.when; whichC.where ;whatD.where;that—English has large vocabulary, hasn’t it? —Yes,more words and expressions and you will find it easier to read and communicate.A.KnowB.KnowingC.To knowD.KnownIt was in New York ___Kate first met Mr. John16-20 CBDBBA.whichB.howC.thatD.whenOnly at that time how much time she had wasted.A.Mary did knowB.did Mary knowC.does Mary knowD.Mary does know—Don’t be late for school next time, ______? —______.A.will you; Yes, I won’tB.will you; No, I won’tC.do you; Yes, I willD.do you; No, I won’tRarely ________ such a silly thing. A.have I heard ofB.I have heard ofC.I have been hearing ofD.have I heard fromSo interested in the ancient town _______ that they decided to stay there for another few days.A.did the visitors getB.got the visitorsC.did get the visitorsD.tHaving an outdoor meal is always fun, but it can also be damaging to the planet if ______.A.planned not carefullyB.not planning carefullyC.not planned carefully Can you explain ______ the OPEC can have such total control over the price of oil?A.how is it thatB.that howC.how it is thatD.what is it Not until I began to work ______ how much time I had wasted. A.didn't I realize B.did I realizeC.I didn't realizeD.I realizeAll the books are not useful. Which of the following has the same meaning as this sentence?A.All the books are useful B.Neither of the books is usefulC.Not all________, I believe, and you will find Tom is very outgoing.A.Having a talk with the studentB.One talk with the student C.Given a talk with the studentD.If you The more careful you are while writing a composition,________. A.you make the fewer mistakesB.the few mistakes would you makeC.the fewer mistakes you will makeThe way_____ he did it was contradictory _______ he had said earlier in the same week.A./; to whatB.that; with thatC.which; in whichD.what; from which The Frenchman pointed to the spoon and asked me _________ to call that in Chinese.A.whetherB.howC.whichD.what Barry has visited the Eiffel Tower before, _____ he?A.mustn’tB.hasn’tC.didn’tD.needn’t The police were seeking more information to find out ____ the rich merchant. A.who was it that killedB.who it was that killed C.it was who killedD.who was it k_______ be chosen as captain of the team?A.Whom do you suggest that B.Do you suggest whomC.Who do you suggest D.Do you suggest who shouldTo this day, I have trouble _others be fond of me.A.letB.lettingC.being letD.to letIt was not until I came here ____ I realized this place was famous, for not only its beauty but also its weather. A.whoB.thatC.whereD.beforeIt was only when I reread his poems recently ______ I began to appreciate their beauty.A.thatB.untilC.thenD.soNot until the 11th century, when a young lady brought a fork to Italy, _______.A.and the custom reached Europe.B.that the custom reached Europe.C.did the cust It was only when I reread his poems (诗) recently _____ I began to appreciate their beauty.A.untilB.thatC.thenD.soReporters are _______ to get all facts straight and present their stories fairly. A.believedB.supposedC.thoughtD.consideredIt is global warming, not other things, ______ the extreme weather.A.that have led toB.which has causedC.which are causingD.that has led toI don’t think he is right, ________?A.do IB.don’t IC.is heD.isn’t heI don’t think he has completed the task , ____________?A.does heB.do IC.hasn’t heD.has heI told mom that not everyone could manage to have 3 meals on time everyday, _____?A.could heB.didn’t IC.didn’t sheD.could theyIt was because she got sickshe didn't come to the party yesterday.A.whichB.whyC.thatD.howSeeing her father come back, ______________.A.tears ran down her cheeksB.Her tears ran outC.she burst into tearsD.She burst into crying---He should have been warned of the danger.---_______, but he wouldn’t listen to me.A.So he hadB.So had heC.So was heD.So he wasThere’s nothing more important than good health, _______?A.is thereB.isn’t itC.isn’t thereD.is it---What did the Englishman say?---Oh, he asked where ____ .A.did you come formB.do you come fromC.you came fromD.you did come from– Mary didn’t attend the lecture, did she? -- Yes, she ______.A.attendedB.didn’t attendC.didn’tD.didFacing the poor grades, Maria is wondering what it to learn English well.A.takesB.usesC.makesD.prepares---What about your adventure in the forest last week?---Wonderful! I didn’t expect there ______ so many lovely monkeys.A.to beB.beingC.of beingD.be—_______will you come back home from vacation?—In two weeks.A.How oftenB.How soonC.How muchD.How longYou look very tired and you must have been preparing for the coming examination yesterday evening, _________ you ?A.didn’t youB.haven’tC.weren’tD.hadn’tFew weight-loss pills can help to keep people slim, __________?A.do theyB.don’t theyC.can’t theyD.can theyWe don’t suppose he has achieved his goal, _________?A.has heB.do weC.don’t weD.hasn’t heI’m sure that the teacher’s told you about the your result of the examination. ______ ?A.am not IB.hasn’t heC.aren’t youD.isn’t he---It’s reported that young people are responsible for 60% of the traffic accidents.---Exactly. Young drivers are far more _______ to drive faster than old onYou must have been caught in the traffic jam yesterday, ______you?A.weren’tB.didn’tC.mustn’tD.haven’tI don't think a warm winter always has a negative influence on our life, _____?A.do IB.does itC.hasn't itD.don't I–I don’t suppose he could have done well in the exam last week, _____? --______, he almost failed the exam.A.had he; YesB.did he; NoC.do I ; YesD.could he;—Nothing wrong with it, ____?—Yes. The computer says, “Please check this disk before entering data.”A.is itB.has itC.does it D.is thereI don’t suppose Jim could have done so well in yesterday’s exam , ____________?A.do IB.did heC.has heD.could he—Nothing wrong with it , ?—No .Yours is a specially-built model. Drive carefully , though .It takes time to run in a new car.A.is itB.has itC.are theyD.is t-- You ought to have given them some advice. --- , but who cared what I asked?A.I ought toB.So I oughtC.So it wasD.So I did_____, I think, and the problem can be settled.A.If you double your effortsB.If you make greater effortsC.If you spare no effortsD.Some more efforts---____ do you go to the movies?--- Once a week.A.How long B.How much C. How soon D.How oftenI think he must be writing his essay at home now, ______?A.is heB.isn’t heC.do I D.mustn’t heHe is so busy with the research he has no time left for any other activity.A.whichB.thatC.whyD.because________, I believe, and you will find that he is very outgoing.A.Having a talk with TomB.Given a talk with Tom C.If you have a talk with TomD.One talk with Tom— I wonder _____ you’ll water this kind of flower.— Every other day.A.how muchB.how longC.how soonD.how oftenAccording to what he complained about, something must have gone wrong with the computer, ______?A.mustn’t itB.didn’t heC.hasn’t heD.didn’t it—— I reminded you not to forget to turn off the lights when you left the classroom.—— ________________.A. So did IB. So you didC. So do youD. I do so句型变换:(共8小题,每题1分,满分8分)小题1:In addition to all her other qualifications, Bessie was also an expert cook.________ ________ all her other qualificatLooking good is important to women, _______ it?A.doesB.isn’tC.doesn’tD.isI don’t suppose anyone will go there, ___________?A.do IB.don’t youC.will theyD.won’t theyIt is a long time ________ they separated, but it won’t be long ________ they meet again.A.since, beforeB.after, whenC.since, whenD.after, beforeSince it will take years to know the effect of genetically modified food, it’s more sensible to give it a second thought before we eat it,it?A.isn’tB.isC.won’_____ is necessary for us to tell him about the result.A.ThatB.ThisC.ItD.WhatIt was many years ____ American women were given the rights to vote.A.whenB.sinceC.beforeD.asEuropeans made ______ clear that they did not want to take the Romans as neighbors.A.soB.veryC.it D.that-_______do you spare time to visit your parents every month?-Twice.A.How longB.How oftenC.How soonD.How fastwill do good to a senior student to do a part-time job when she wants to know more about societyA.AsB.It C.ThatD.HeThere is little doubt in your mind that he is innocent, ?A.is thereB.isn’t thereC.is heD.isn’t heBefore I left home, my mother taught me ________some simple dishes, such as noodles and garlic with vegetables.A.what cooking B.how cookingC.what to cookD.how tThe salmon we ate at the restaurant yesterday is terrific. I’d like to have it again even if it costs ______.A.much more twiceB.as much twiceC.twice as much DI don’t believe you can do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow,?A.do IB.don’t IC.can youD.can’t you--- I don’t know ___________ makes her different from others. --- Confidence, I think.A.how is it thatB.how it is thatC.what is it thatD.what it is thatNo one will be sad because humans will have learnt to fix many of the problems that affect us now, like war, pollution and hunger, ________ ?A.will theyB.will hDo you think _________ possible for so many people to sit in such a small room?A.thisB.thatC.thereD.it
I am trying to work out the problem and I would appreciate_____ if you could turn the music _______.A.That; up B.this; aroundC.it; down D.you; backI suppose that there used to be a fairy in the woods, _______?A.aren’t IB.doesn’t sheC.didn’t it D.didn’t thereJack is good at English but he doesn’t like physics. _________ his twin brother.A.So isB.Neither doesC.So it is the same withD.So it is with同义句转换, 每空一词 ( 每空0.5分,共10分 )小题1:Paris is situated on the River Seine and is known as a city of romance._____ _____ the River Seine, Paris is knCome and see me whenever ____. A.you are convenientB.you will be convenientC.it is convenient to you D.it was convenient to you按要求改写句子 (1分*5)小题1:David said to me, “ Will you go to the park tomorrow?”(“直接引语”变“间接引语”)2-3题:用“定语从句”合并两个简单句小题2:The passengers fLuckily, the people there did ______ help him. A.that they couldB.which they could toC.what they could D.what they could toHe said that he didn’t know ______ to deal with the matter, so I left.A.whatB.whenC.whereD.howI told them not everybody could run as fast as you did, ______?A.could heB.didn't IC.didn't youD.couldn’t they I’m certain you’d rather she was opposed to my proposal,______A.aren’t IB.wasn’t sheC.wouldn’t youD.hadn’t you More praise to yourself,____ you’ll build up confidence throughout the difficult times.A.butB.andC.orD.howeverShe must have arrived there yesterday,_____?A.mustn’t sheB.needn’t sheC.hasn’t sheD.didn’t sheI suppose you are unwilling to change your idea, _____?A.aren’t youB.do IC.don’t ID.are you______ me when you get it through and I’ll pick you up at your work place.A.CallingB.CallC.CalledD.To callA few years ago the belief became general________orange juice and milk should never be drunk at the same meal.A.whichB.thatC.and thatD.whatYou like travelling, _____ you?A don’tB won’tC didn’tD haven’tThere used to be a temple here, ________?A. usedn’t it B. used it C don’t there D. usedn’t thereThe girl carrying a dictionary, come in first, ______? A.doesn’t sheB.will sheC.will youD.don’t theyYou still go to the gym every day, ______ you?A.doB.don’tC.areD.aren’tFacing the stress of employment, some college graduates make a popular choice ____ they will join the army.A.whichB.thatC.whatD.where―What’s Apple’s attitude toward the matter?―Apple does not look into the matter directly, ______.A.so does it intend toB.nor does it intend toC.so it intends___________ the past, leaving the sadness behind, ___________ you’ll see the door of a new bright world open before you.A.Forget; andB.Forgetting; andC.ForgeThe news that he fought with his coach surprised us, ________?A.did heB.didn’t itC.didn’t heD.did itA warm thought suddenly came to me ______ I might use the picket money to buy some flowers for my mother’s birthday.A.ifB.whenC.thatD.whichSome researchers believe that there is no doubt ____ a cure for AIDS will be found.A.whichB.thatC.whatD.whetherEvery year a great number of foreign tourists pay a visit to _____ we Chinese call Heaven Lake.A.whereB.whichC.whatD.thatI don’t think she will come to the meeting on time, ______?A.do IB.do youC.will sheD.won’t sheThere is no doubt ______ you'll be warmly welcomed by people there.A.ifB.whetherC.thatD.aboutIf Joe' s wife goes to the party, _______.A.so does heB.so will he C.he will either D.either he doesHe seldom has lunch at school, ________? A.hasn't he B.has he C.doesn't he D.does he句型转换(每空1分,满分15分) 小题1:The new medicine proved beneficial to the patient's skin problems.----The new medicine proved to _____ _____ _____to the pati—I suppose he’ll pass the exam, _______________? —Of course he will.A.will heB.won’t heC.don’t ID.do IThere is little doubt in your mind that he is innocent, ________/A.is heB.isnit thereC.is thereD.ins’t heI do believe that all the Senior 3 students in our school will do well in the coming college entrance examination, __________?A.will theyB.won't theyC.don't IWe had hoped that you would be able to visit us, but you.A.didn’tB.hadn’tC.wouldn’tD.would not have______ on the top of the tower, and you can see the whole city.A.StandingB.To standC.StoodD.Stand句型转换 (共20空,每空0.5分,满分10分)小题1:The government calls on every citizen to contribute to building a harmonious society.The government calls on every She said she couldn’t finish the work in time, _______?A.could sheB.couldn’t sheC.did sheD.didn’t she_________ and I’ll get the work finished .A.Having one more hourB.One more hourC.Given one more hourD.If I have one more hour_______ and I’ll get the work finished.A.Have one more hourB.One more hourC.Given one more hourD.If I have one more hourKeep on trying even when you are in trouble, ________?A.will youB.do youC.shall youD.can’t you-- You don’t like the new fashion of my hair style, do you?-- _____. I like it better _____ I look at it.A.Yes; sinceB.No; asC.No; thanD.Yes; the more -- Peter, set down the result of the experiment, ______?-- Oh, yes, but I need to find my pen first.A.will youB.shall youC.don't youD.do youHardly _______ to speak when the audience interrupted him.A.he beganB.he had begunC.had he begunD.did he beginOnly when the firefighters put off the firewhat great damage it caused.A.we had realizedB.had we realizedC.we realizeD.did we realize— Did you know any Chinese before you arrived in Beijing?— Never ________ it, actually.A.had I learned B.have I learned C.I have learnedD.I had learnedOnly when we failed ________ the importance of study.A.we realizedB.we had realizedC.did we realizeD.had we realisedHer pronunciation is as good as, if ____than, her teacher's.A.no betterB.not betterC.no goodD.not goodThere is a common belief among the students in our school ______ they should make great efforts to learn and reach the peak of their academic performances.A.whiI told you the other day that Tom had agreed with your idea, ________?A.hadn’t heB.didn’t heC.did ID.didn’t I----I called him twicw and I couldn’t get through to him.----The line might have been out of order,_____?A.mightn’t itB.hadn’t itC.wasn’t itD.haven’t it—I telephoned him twice and I couldn’t get through to him.—The line might have been out of order, ?A.don’t youB.wasn’t itC.do youD.hadn’t itTo deliver a "Chinese dream",we need to push ahead with reforms and ensure economic growth and people's well-being,______?A.mustn't weB.don't weC.needn't —_______ do you like to fly, economy or first class?—Economy, I think.A.WhatB.WhereC.WhichD.How------ I don’t think he is fit for the job, ______?------Why do you think so ?A.do IB.don’t IC.is heD.isn’t heDon’t worry!There is still a great chancewe can make up for the lost time.A.whichB.thatC.whereD.whenI never thought anyone would speak ill of him to his face, _________?A.did I B.didn’t I C.would theyD.wouldn’t theyI am afraid that Mrs. Black doesn’t believe her son is able to design such a complicated machine,?A.does sheB.aren’t IC.is heD.isn’t he—Tom is wise enough to achieve his success.—But in my opinion, he is _________ than wise.A.luckierB.more luckyC.much luckier D.rather luckyWe can't have lunch at the restaurant, because __________.A.not all of us have moneyB.all of us don't have moneyC.everyone of us don't have moneyD.none of usThe Super Girl Wang Bei’s death highlights the fact_______ cosmetic surgery has become one of China’s biggest beauty secrets.A.thatB.how C.whatD.why句型转换:(20空,1空0.5分,共10分)小题1:It took me seven hours to make such a nice kite.I ____________ seven hours ___________ such a nice kite.小题2:My fatherTo get as much firsthand information as possible, inspectors will hold workshops and distribute questionnaires, ____?A.won't they B.won't it C.aren't theyD.i—She has gone abroad, ______?—No. She is still teaching us English at our school now.A.is sheB.isn’t sheC.has sheD.hasn’t she______, I suppose, and the housing problems for the low-income families could be solved.A.If you double your effortsB.To make some more effortsC.Some more effor--He must have received a good education in his childhood, ________ he?--________, he is polite and well-behaved and acts like a gentleman.A.didn’t; YesB.hasHe must have known the truth yesterday, _________?A.haven’t youB.didn’t youC.have youD.did youI told you the other day that Tom had agreed with your idea, ____________?A.hadn’t heB.didn’t heC.did ID.didn’t II'm sure you'd rather she went to school by bus,? A.hadn't youB.wouldn't youC.aren't ID.didn't sheYou must have read about Mark Twain long ago, ____?A.mustn’t youB.haven’t youC.didn’t youD.needn’t youWe hardly believe the news is true,________A.do weB.don’t weC.is itD.isn’t it---I don’t think your children could have been used to the quick pace of life while working in Shenzhen, _____they?---_____. They thought of returning to ChanStrange as it might be, the suggestion he madewe make good use of the equipment is acceptable.A.thatB.whichC.whyD.howI don’t suppose he could have gone to the job interview yesterday, __________?A.has heB.could he C.didn’t heD.did heLily is so kind-hearted a girl that she often gives __________ needs her help.A.whoB.whomC.whoeverD.whomeverThe Frenchman pointed to the spoon and asked me___to call that in Chinese.A.whetherB.whereC.whichD.whatI am sure you’d rather he stayed in New Zealand, ______?A.wouldn’t youB.did youC.didn’t heD.am not IEvidence has been found through years of study______children’s early sleeping problems are likely tocontinue when they grow up.A.whyB.howC.whetherD.that-----Alice, you clean the blackboard today, _________?----- But I cleaned it yesterday.A.won’t youB.will youC.didn’t youD.don’t youThe notice came around two in the afternoon the meeting would be postponed.A.whenB.thatC.whetherD.howThere is no doubt our educational system leaves something to be desired.A.whatB.whether C.ifD.thatSomething has to be done to stop the rivers from being further polluted, ?A.doesn’t itB.hasn’t itC.does itD.has it Plastic bottles can be recycled but they need cleaning thoroughly, _______ they?A.needn'tB. don'tC.mustn'tD.can'tI don’t believe that he will marry Kathy whom he doesn’t love at all,________? A.do I B.don’t IC.will heD.won’t heBob had little idea that his wife was in danger, _____?A.didn’t heB.did heC.wasn’t sheD.was she I don’t think David could have done such a stupid thing last night, ?A.did heB.didn’t heC.do ID.don’t I– You must have learnt the good news of our team winning the football match, _____ you? -- Yes. I _____ it up when having supper in the canteen. A.mustn’t; A: Alice, you clean the house, ? B: But I did it yesterday.A.do youB.will youC.didn’t youD.don’t youThere is little doubt in your mind that he is innocent, ? (2012江苏)A.is thereB.isn’t thereC.is heD.isn’t he ----I didn’t realize how popular the restaurant was until I made a reservation the other day.----I beg your pardon, but when?A.was you realized itB.it was thI think that something has to be done to stop the air from being polluted, ______ ?A.doesn't itB.don’t IC.don't theyD.haven't theyYour sister must be helping the little girl with her homework, _______ ?A.needn’t sheB.mustn’t sheC.isn’t she D.must she I have worked with children before, so I know what ______ in my new job.A.to expectingB.expectedC.to expectD.being expected“All hope was not lost.” means “__________.”A.There was no hope at allB.Hope was everywhere C.No hope was lostD.Not all hope was lostWe shouldn’t be ashamed of the way we look, ____________?A.should weB.shouldn’t weC.do weD.don’t weHe believes that she is right, _______?A.doesn’t heB.does heC.is sheD.isn’t sheThere’s not much exciting news in today’s paper,_____?A.isn’t itB.are thereC.is thereD.aren’t thereAll the drivers dislike driving on the narrow roads ________________? A.don’t theyB.don’t each of themC.do ID.don’t youI’m sure you’d rather she went to school by bus,_______?A.hadn’t youB.wouldn’t youC.aren’t ID.didn’t sheShe thinks the naughty students have escaped being punished by their teacher, __________?A.does sheB.doesn’t sheC.have theyD.haven’t they
—The spacecraft has never been to the moon, ________ ? —Certainly.A.has itB.hasn’t itC.doesn’t itD.isn’t it Let’s visit the National Museum this weekend, _______? A.will youB.won’t weC.don’t weD.shall weIt’s impossible that you achieve your goal without effort, ________?A.isn’t itB.is itC.don’t youD.do youMany of your classmates dislike having to stay up late doing their lessons, _____? A.do theyB.have theyC.don’t theyD.haven’t theyYou must have missed the first train yesterday, ________ you?A.weren’tB.didn’tC.mustn’tD.haven’tHe asked, “How are you getting along?”----He asked ______. A.how am I getting alongB.how I was getting alongC.how are you getting alongD.how was I getting alon—Was it by cutting down staff _____ she saved the firm?— No, it was by improving work efficiency.A.whenB.whatC.howD.thatIdon’t think Linda could have done such a stupid thing last night,_________?A.do IB.didn’t sheC. did sheD.don’t IBlack doesn’t believe his son is able to design a digital camera,_____?A.is heB.isn’t heC.doesn’t heD.does heNot all the students follow the rules. Which of the following statement has the same meaning?A.None of the students follow the rules.B.All the students don’t Scientists don’t think that a warm winter always has a negative influence on our life,____?A.don’t theyB.do theyC.hasn’t itD.has itThis problem may lead to more serious ones if _____ unsolved.A.makingB.leftC.remainedD.keepingYou must have read about Mark Twain long ago, ____?A.mustn't youB.haven't youC.didn't youD.needn't you She doesn’t suppose the prices will go down this week, _______?A.does sheB.doesn’t sheC.won’t theyD.will they— I think it was his excitement for his success in the first half that led to his eventual failure in the game. — You bet. Old sayings never fail, “________”A. ____polite to others and you can get friendship in turn.A.BeB.To beC.BeingD./You must have missed the first train yesterday, ________ you?A.weren’t B.mustn’tC. didn’tD. haven’t---Jack, you erase the blackboard today, __________?---But I did it yesterday.A.will youB.do you C.would youD.don’t you ---My Dad began to teach me English when I was eight.---Wow. You must have studied English for six years, ?A.haven’t youB.mustn’t you C.needn’t youD.don’—I don’t suppose Jimmy could have done well in the mid-term exam last week,______?--- ______ he almost failed in the exam.A.had he; YesB.did he ; NoC.do I ;We don’t believe the baby is badly ill,__________?A.do weB.is heC.is itD.isn’t itThere is little doubt in your mind that he is innocent, ________?A.is thereB.isn' t thereC.is heD.isn' t heThe student must be working very hard, ________?A.doesn’t heB.mustn’t heC.needn’t heD.isn’t he(2013·衡水一模) The question ________ you should take this medicine should be decided by your family doctor.A.whyB.whatC.whetherD.thatA plan has been put forward ________ more graduates should go to work in the country.A.when BB.thatC.whetherD.howNobody would stand out admitting the fact,for some reason,________ they lost the game.A.thatB.whichC.whatD.why(2013·浙江,16)The only way to succeed at the highest level is to have total belief ________ you are better than anyone else on the sports field.A.howB.thatC.wh—Mary,turn the heat down,________ burn.—OK.Mum.A.the cake willB.or the cake willC.will the cakeD.and the cake willThere are eight tips in Dr.Roger's lecture on sleep,and one of them is:________ to bed early unless you think it is necessary.A.doesn't goB.not to goC.not g(2013·高考湖南卷)Every day________a proverb aloud several times until you have it memorized.A.readB.readingC.to readD.readsHe must have been annoyed by something yesterday, _____?A.wasn’t heB.hasn’t heC.needn’t heD.mustn’t he __________ the style of the singer, but they also followed him everywhere.A.Not only the fans copiedB.Not only did the fans copyC.Not only copied the fansD.Notseems to be a strong competition for students to enter a key university.A.ItB.There C.WhatD.ThatMrs Black doesn’t believe her son is able to design a digital camera, ______ ?A.doesn’t sheB.does sheC.is heD.isn’t he阅读下列各小题,根据汉语句子,用句末括号内的英语单词完成句子,并将答案写在答题卡上的相应题号后。小题1:While he was rescuing survivors in the ruins, little ______In his speech, he said that it was his primary school teachers that he was fond of ________influenced his whole life.A.whatB.whichC.who D.asIs that a book on farming?_______,I want to borrow it.A.So it isB.If soC.So is itD.So ifGenerally speaking_______acording to theinstructions,the drug has no side effect.A.when takingB.when takenC.when to takeD.when to be taken (2013·西工大附中模拟), I believe, and you will find Tom is very outgoing.A.Having a talk with the studentB.One talk with the studentC.Given a talk with the stuI think he has tried his best to improve his handwriting, ?A.don’t I B.do IC.hasn’t heD.has he(2013·亳州模拟)I’m sure you’d rather she went to school by bus, ?A.hadn’t youB.wouldn’t youC.aren’t ID.didn’t sheI can’t believe that anyone else in the school can swim as fast as you, ?A.can IB.can’t theyC.can’t youD.can theyLi Ming, don't forget to turn off the lights before you leave the office, _____?A.won't youB.should heC.shall we D.will you(2013·河南豫西五校高三质检)Helen has just heard the news from her father ________ her boyfriend David will come back soon.A.whenB.howC.whichD.that(2013·辽宁六校高三联考)I told Mom that not everyone could manage to have 3 meals on time everyday, ________?A.could heB.didn't IC.didn't sheD.could they(2013·甘肃河西五市二模)Look! The ground is wet. It must have rained last night, ________?A.hasn't itB.hadn't itC.mustn't itD.didn't it(2013·郑州高中毕业班第一次质量预测)I don't like feeding the animals, but I need money, so ________.A.it is thereB.there is itC.there it isD.that it isYou must have watched that football match last night, __________?A.must youB.haven’t youC.didn’t youD.aren’t youIt is the second time that you have been late, ______?A.haven’t you B.isn’t itC.is itD.have youI told them not everybody could run as fast as you did,________?(2011·重庆)A.could heB.didn't IC.didn't youD.could they He must be helping the old man to water the flowers,________?A.is heB.isn't heC.must beD.mustn't heIt's the first time that he has been to Australia,________?A.isn't heB.hasn't heC.isn't itD.hasn't it(2013·甘肃河西五市一模)Look! The ground is wet. It must have rained last night, ________?A.hasn't it B.hadn't itC.mustn't it D.didn't itNothing that you say can change his mind, ________?A.do you B.don't youC.can it D.can't it------Don’t forget to return the book in two weeks. ------ _____ Don’t worry about it.A.Yes, I won’tB.No, I won’tC.Yes, I willD.No, I will—Where _______?—I got caught in the traffic, or I would have been here sooner.A.did you goB.had you goneC.have you beenD.were you going There is no doubt that eating organic food will make you healthier, ________?A.will itB.does itC.is thereD.is itFighting an artificial greenhouse effect seems to be the greatest of environmental challenges, ________?A.isn't itB.does itC.doesn't itD.is itThe China dream is the people's dream. Only when everyone is hardworking and full of energy to make their due contribution ________.A.it can better realize B.What do you think of the suggestion ________ we organize a football club?A.whichB.whetherC.thatD.whatLook!The ground is wet.It must have rained last night,________?A.hasn’t itB.didn’t itC.mustn’t itD.hadn’t itIt sounds like something is wrong with the car’s engine.________,we’d better take it to the garage immediately. (2011·江苏,33)A.OtherwiseB.If notC.But for For more information about Cambridge,________our website at www.cambridge.org.A.visitB.visitingC.to visitD.visited________ she is not so cheerful ________ she used to be?A.How it is that;asB.How is it that;asC.Is it why;thatD.Why is it that;what—Nothing wrong with it,________?—No.Yours is a specially built model.Drive carefully,though.A.is thereB.does itC.is itD.has it—Michael has changed beyond recognition.—________!How did he manage to lose so much weight?A.So has heB.Neither has heC.So he hasD.Neither he hasMuch ________ he has a good taste for China’s football matches,he can’t avoid being influenced by the side effects of the football gambling.A.that he claimsBBehind the coach ________ our team wearing blue suits.A.walkB.haveC.is followedD.appears—Mum,I am afraid I won’t do well in the coming test.—Honey,________more careful,________you will make it.A.is;soB.be;andC.be;thenD.being;and—Have you been to the Great Wall?—Perhaps not in my memory.________,it might have been during my early childhood.A.If anyB.If soC.If everD.If notNot until we have had a chance to discuss it thoroughly ________ perfectly.A.the problem has been settledB.has the problem been settledC.will the problem be set________ and we’ll get everything ready for the taking off.A.Have one more hourB.One more hourC.Give one more hourD.If we have one more hourBarry must have visited the Eiffel Tower before,________he?A.mustn’tB.hadn’tC.hasn’tD.needn’tIt was ________ he came back from Africa that year ________ he met the girl he would like to marry.A.when;thenB.not;untilC.not until;thatD.only;when.________ surprising it is you should not know what has happened!A.WhatB.HowC.ThatD.ItIt’s the third time that Li Ming has been to Xi’an , _______? A.isn’t heB.hasn’t heC.isn’t itD.hasn’t itIf you go to Xi’an, you will find the palaces there more magnificent than commonly ______.A.supposingB.supposedC.to supposeD.supposeIt was about ten minutes after we arrived at a small village __________ it began to pour down.A.whenB.whereC.thatD.howMy former class teacher asked me to go and see him whenever _________.A.I will be convenientB.it will be convenientC.I am convenientD.it is convenientI don’t think The Flowers of War by Zhang Yimou is popular among teenagers, _________?A.are theyB.isn’t itC.do ID.is it— Peter, you feed the gold fish and the two little tortoises, ______?— I did it in the morning; it’s a routine for me now.A.didn’t you B.can you C.don’t you---Do you have any idea what Hawk does all day?--- I know he spends at least as much time watching TV as he _______.A.does writingB.writesC.is writingD.spends --- I hear that Jane has achieved great success. --- ________ and __________.A.So she has; so have youB.So she has; so you haveC.She has so; so have youD.SoYou and I could hardly work together, ______?A.could youB.couldn’t IC.couldn’t weD.could weWhat a foolish child ,_______?A.isn’t heB.doesn’t heC.hasn’t heD.isn’t it—What’s wrong with my computer, Jack?—Let me have a check. OK, it works now.—You mean, nothing wrong with it, ________ ?A.is thereB.isn’t thereC.is itD.isnOur teachers do believe that all the students in our school will do well in the coming college entrance examination, _______?A.don’t theyB.will theyC.won’t th I told Mom that not everyone could manage to have 3 meals on time everyday, ________?A.could he B.didn't IC.didn't sheD.could they Look! The ground is wet. It must have rained last night, ________?A.hasn't itB.hadn't itC.mustn't itD.didn't it—I don't think we have met before,________?—Yes,once at a party,but we weren't introduced.A.do IB.have weC.don't ID.haven't you—I don't imagine Russ and his poor dog had a good time on the deserted island,________?—I have no idea. A.didn't theyB.do youC.did theyD.hadn't theyThere used to be a temple in your village,________?A.used thereB.usedn't thereC.did thereD.didn't it(2014·厦门适应性考试)Mr Wang must have watched the film So Young last night,________?A.mustn’t heB.hasn’t heC.didn’t heD.needn’t heBetter go to see your sick colleague right now, ______ you? A.won’tB.didn’tC.don’tD.hadn’tThey must have finished the work by the end of last month, ______? A.hadn’t theyB.mustn’t theyC.haven’t theyD.didn’t theyDavid dislikes television heroes who smoke, __________?A.do theyB.don’t theyC.doesn’t heD.does he No, I’m too busy right now. Please give me an hour, _____?A.do youB.don’t youC.am I D.OK