35. ---I’m sorry I’m late. I got held up in the traffic on my way here.---___________________.A.Don’t be late next timeB.You should be blamedC.It doesn’t--- Where did you meet him for the first time? --- Maybe it is in the museum we listened to the lecture we got to know each other.A.that; thatB.where; thatC.It shocked us all that little boy hadn’t been separated from that patient, he would have been infected with H1N1.A.if thatB.that ifC.ifD.thatThe idea for the new plan came to his mind, to his experiment in the lab.A.while devotingB.while devoting himselfC.while he was devotedD.while devoted28. ____, he sometimes makes mistakes.A.Though he is careful teacherB.As he is careful C.A careful teacher as he isD.Being a careful teacher23 —____________. This is my newly-built house.— Oh, what a beautiful villa! A Here it is. B Here you are. C Here we are D Just look at it.—According to the weather report, there is likely to be heavy rain tomorrow.—_______, we’ll have to change the plan for the outgoing. A.If soB.If notC.Unless Being a disabled man, he has difficulty ________________A.earning livingsB.earning his earn earn his living24.____, the disaster in Haiti shows once again that even among the worst, there is always hope.A.As sad it isB.It is as sadC.Sad as it is D.Sad as is it19. It is reported that China has created the first man-made sun in the world recently, ______ ?A.isn’t itC.hasn’t itD.has itAfter that we never saw her again, nor________ from her. A.did we hearB.we heardC.had we heardD.we have heardWhich of the following is right? A.Are you belong to the UN peace-keeping force?B.Which computer does this mouse belong to?C.This strange vegetable is belong 25. ______, a small advertisement held my attention, which read “Easy job. Good wages. No experience necessary.” A.Looking through the newspaperB.While I was34. We are living in an age ____________ we treasure very much, because it sees man’s rapid development.A.whichB.whenC.whereD.What17. They don’t think advertisements are useful for our daily life, .A.aren’t theyB.are theyC.don’t they20. _______, English is one of the most important subjects.A.It is known to all thatB.As is known to all thatC.As we knowD.As it is known to all22.----I' m smy, I didn' t mean to put you to so much trouble. ----__________A.It' s my pleasure ! B.No trouble at all.C.I'm really sorry!D.You're welcome35.1 suddenly found my watch didn ’t wolrk any more and only then_______ was late for school.A.had I realizedB.I had realizedC.did I realizeD.realized I33. Is this hospital ________ you once worked for 10 years?A.the whichD.the one where31. —I dare say you will definitely miss your flight if you don’t hurry. —Oh, _____. It’s almost the will IB.I do I will you22. Jack, you’ve done your homework, ________ you? A.haven’tB.don’tC.won’tD.Do___________ we should do to protect wildlife?A.Do you think whatB.Do you think howC.What do you thinkD.How do you think24. More and more foreigners are working in China, ______?A.are theyB.aren’t theyD.don’t they2.I know Fanning was closed down at the end of 2001, but _____ Fanning’s dream finally began to fade? was itB.what was it thatC.when was thatD.when was iSome people said _____ that Copenhagen Conference 2009 didn’t reach any official agreement.A.what was a pityB.what a pity it was pity was was what27. I was so busy last year that I was almost mad. So I spent _______ I had with my family last month after I finished the project.A.what little timeB.little 37. As your spoken English gets better, _______ your written willC.such isD.such will38. There is a dog over there. Look, out______. Be careful! was runningB.runs runsD.ran it39. Thank you for your help. ______ for your help, I wouldn’t have succeeded in my experiment.A.If it is notB.Were it notC.Had it not beenD.If they were not62. He may have seen the film when it was shown last week, _____ he?A.can’tB.isn’tC.didn’tD.hasn’t67.--- Which would you like to see, my passport or my ID card? --- Oh, _______.A.either will doB.each will be fineC.each one is goodD.either does well95. --- What about playing with the boys there in the water while learning swimming?--- In my opinion, makes’s out of the questionC.i157. --- I will go picnicking with Jane this Sunday. --- _____A.Don’t give up now.B.Have a good time.C.Please eat more.D.I have no money.261. The players of China won 150 gold medals in Pusan Asain Games of 2002. Our players _____ to be very great.A.are provedB.did proveC.were provedD.was prove50. John is on the bottle again. This sentence probably means _____.A.John is standing on a bottle now.B.John is holding a bottle now.C.John threw away a bo57. The rain was coming down in buckets. This sentence means ____ .A.The rain was coming down into the buckets.B.The rain was very heavy.C.There was some ra69. It is raining cats and dogs. This sentence probably means _____.A.There are some cats and dogs in the raining.B.Some cats and dogs are falling down toget108. What you said just now is out of my depth. This sentence probably means _____.A.I don’t like what you said.B.I don’t mind what you said just now.C.I 110. He is a man of great determination. I am sure he will succeed in the end. The underlined sentence probably means _____.A.He is a strong-minded person.B104. What do you think _____ to her? She is very angry now.A.did he doB.he didC.does he doD.has he done130. So fast ______ that we can hardly imagine its speed.A.light travelsB.does light light travellingD.light is travelling131. --- Here , your new computer is ready.--- Thank you.--- ______ to call this number if you have any problems.You’re free B. It is free C. Feel free D.173. --- I’m glad you like the food. Please come over any time you like.--- ________. A.Is it all right?B.I’m afraid I won’t be freeC.Yes, I willD.That’177. --- This is my present for you. --- Oh, I _______ you would give me so nice a present.A.don’t thinkB.never thinkC.didn’t thinkD.never thought22.------You hate Lee,don’t you? ------________. I just think he’s a bit annoying,that’s a11.A.Not exactlyB.Not reallyC.Not a littleD.Not at all. Was it ________ your son won the first prize last month that please you?A.whoB.thatC.whatD.which. From this simple concept ________ that has caused a great change in farming.A.has developed a techniqueB.has a technique developedC.a technique has developed. The main fact(or)s in human life are five: birth, food, sleep, love and death. (One could increase the number— add breathing for instance— but these five are. A look at recent trends in world fisheries reveals ________ the ocean on a global we have swiftly affectedB.that how swiftly we have affectedC.ho. A little learning is not dangerous so long as you know ________.A.thatB.that there is a is a littleD.that it is little. Her unusual success shows that if someone can do their job really well, then the question ________ male or female is not so important.A.if they areB.of wheth. ________ in one leg, he never had a chance to get a job.A.Weak and lameB.He was weak and lameC.Though weak and lameD.Weak and lame as he wasHis speech made_____deep impression on the audience that they could hardly forget it.A.such a a C.soD.suchThey worked hard_____they finished their work ahead of thatC.such as toHe was_____weak_____ he couldn’t stand up.A.such,, thatC.very,, as toIt takes_____time to go there by plane than by ship.A.far fewerB.far lessC.much fewerD.more lessMr. Smith has bought a new house in the country, around _____ some green trees.A.which isC.which areD.them are I don’t remember how many years ago _______I last showed you around the was thatB.was it was whenD.was it when14. — Excuse me. Do you happen to have change for a 50-pence piece? — __________. I’ve just used up all my coins. A.I don’t believe soB.I can’t agree mor16. I returned home with some roses and only then __________ find my favorite vase missing.A.I didB.did ID.I do18. — Hi, Kathy. We’re going to have a party this Saturday. Will you come? — __________. What time?A.I suppose soB.I’d love toC.I think soD.I like it22. He’s succeeded in many fields but his wife is an ordinary woman, ___________? sheB.isn’t sheC.doesn’t heD.hasn’t heLast summer I took a course to make dresses be to be made dresses to be madeSo difficult _____ it to adjust to an English-speaking environment that he determined to learn English hard. A.he has feltB.has he feltC.he did feelD.did he fee. Little Jim should love _______ to the theatre this be takeC.being takenD.Taking. There are so many kinds of tape-recorders on sale that I can’t make up my mind ____to buy.A.whatB.whichC.howD.Where. _______ to the left and you’ll see the post office.A.To turnB.TurningC.TurnedD.TurnII.单项选择 15%从A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。—Would you like to travel this summer?—________, but if I’m admitted to a university I’ll34、It must have rained last night, ___________?A.mustn’t itB.can’t it C.hasn’t itD.didn’t it. — Why were you so late for work today? — ____ to the office was not very easy this morning because of the traffic.A.DroveB.DrivingC.I droveD.What I drove. — I’m afraid the book I have lent you won’t be interesting enough. —___ A.Not at all.B.You’re welcome.C.Never mind.D.Why didn’t you tell me earlier?. It will cost a lot of time. ____ , I think we shall need it and it will certainly be useful. A. What’s more . As a result C. At the same time D. After . --- My teacher told me just now that I passed the test! --- ______. A.Go aheadB.At your pleasureC.I’m so glad for youD.with pleasure. — They suggest the number of cars should be limited to stop air pollution. — ____, the idea is not practical.A.Sounds good as itB.As it sounds goodC.As good. — He speaks French because he once lived in France. —Really? How long _____ there?A.does he liveB.was he livingC.has he livedD.did he live. Recently a terrible earthquake happened in Sichuan, ____the people are still suffering.A.from their effectsB.of which effectsC.of its effectsD.from whose eff. — Thank you for picking me up in this remote area! — _____. I’m just going in the same direction.A.With pleasureB.None of you businessC.Think nothing of it. --- How about my fish? --- _____. Cooking is really your field.A.It couldn’t be better B.It couldn’t be worse C.No better than before D.I couldn’t agree. ____ to speak when the audience interrupted him.A.No sooner had he beganB.Hardly had he begunC.Scarcely did he beginD.Not until he began. — I’m sorry for what I said. — _____! I don’t remember anyway.A.I’m sorry, tooB.Forget itC.You are rightD.No way. Americans eat______vegetables per person today as they did in A.more than twice as manyC.twice as many asD.more than twice as many. _______ the road round to the right and you’ll find his house. A.FollowB.FollowingC.To followD.Followed17.---The weather repot says the temperature is going to drop sharply. Do remember to put on more clothes. --- __________A.Made itB.Got itC.Understood itD.Hear.____I admire David as a poet, I do not like him as a man.A Much asB.Only if C.If only much.With that trust ____ to serve all Americans and I will do my best to fulfill that duty every day as your President.A.coming a dutyB.which comes a dutyC.comes .------It was fine yesterday.-------________.And very day for fishing,isn’t it?A.So it wasB.So it isC.So was itD.So is it.----What did he want to know,Anne?-----_______I could finish writing the report.A.When was itB.It was when thatC.It was whenD.When it was that.----Were all the toys for the children carried to their kindergarten?----No,____ only some of them.A.It wasB.they ereC.there wereD.there was.----How have you been doing recently?----________.Nothing really goes wrong.A.Good luck!B.I’ll keep my fingers crossed C.Can’t complainD.So long. “Don’t you believe me?” “______, I’ll believe _______ you say.”A.No; whateverB.Yes; no matter whatC.No; no matter whatD.Yes; whatever. “Haven’t seen you for ages! Do you still work in Guangzhou?” “_______. It’s two years since I worked there.”A.Yes, I haveB.Yes, I doC.No, I haven’t D.No,. “I hear Johnson was badly injured in the accident.” “_______ let‘s go and see him.”A.What‘s moreB.If soC.Where possibleD.When necessary. “Will you go skiing with me this winter vacation?” “It ______.”A.all dependB.all all all depending. “Do you want to go to the movie, Jane?” “______. I feel like doing something different.”A.Don’t mention itB.I don’t want itC.I don’t think soD.Not really. “Would you like me to show you the way?” “_______.”A.That‘s very kind of you.B.Yes, you could.C.Good idea!D.With great pleasure!. “Have a drink?” “No thanks, _____.”A.I do mindB.I don’t like itC.Never mindD.I‘d rather not. “We‘ve missed the train!” “_____, there’ll be another in ten minutes.”A.All rightB.Not at allC.Never mindD.Don’t mention it. “Would you mind telling her the news?” “_____, but I don’t know if I _____ her these days.”A.Of course, shall seeB.Of course not, seeC.Of course, seeD.Of co. He pushed his way through the crowd, saying “_____.”A.Never mindB.With pleasureC.Go aheadD.Excuse me. “Can you spare me a few minutes now?” “______, but I‘ll be free this afternoon.”A.No, I won’t B.Yes, with pleasureC.I‘m not sureD.I’m afraid not
. “Would you like to turn that music down? I‘m writing a letter.” “_____.”A.No, I‘d like toB.No, pleaseC.Yes, sorry.D.Yes, I‘d like it.. “You must find such long hours very tiring.” “______. I enjoyed it.”A.After allB.Never mindC.Not in the leastD.That‘s all right. “Would you take this along to the office for me?” “_____.”A.That‘s rightB.With pleasureC.Never mindD.Not at all. “Do you need any help with those heavy bags?” “No, thanks; _____.”A.Never mindB.All rightC.I can manageD.You are welcome22. ----I’m going downtown. ----Come on, _______.A.I’ll give you a liftB.You are welcomeC.Don’t do thatD.Come with me24. – Jack, when shall we go to visit Mr. Smith? – It’s up to him. We’ll go to see him whenever _______.A.he is convenientB.he will be will35. He is no cleverer than me. Which sentence has the same meaning?A.He is not cleverer than me.B.He is cleverer than me.C.He is as clever as me.D.He is as25.---I’d like to invite you to dinner this Sunday, Mr.Smith. ---_____.A.Oh, no.Let’s notB.I’m very sorry, but I have other plansC.I’d rather stay at homeD.O29.It is required in a recent study suggesting the importance of teenagers’ communication with other children of the same age.A.interfereB.interferesC.can inte33.—I’m sure the Mexican Government will control the outbreak of the H1N1 flu in a very short time. Do you think so?—Yes. _______ .A.Great minds think alike31. _______ with the present situation, the local government could not find effective measures to reduce the risk of coal mine accidents.A.Though unsatisfiedB.11. ---- Could you spare me some ink? ---- ___________. Here you are.A.With pleasureB.It’s a pleasureC.That’s nice of youD.Thanks a lot13. It’s beyond words. Nowhere else in the world _______ such a wonderful house!A.can find can findC.there can beD.can there beIt is a long time since I last saw you . This sentence means _______A.I had seen you for a long timeB.I have seen you for a long time C.I haven’t seen you for _______ the film may be , I have no time to see it .A.Although excitingB.No matter excitingC.Even if excitedD.However excitingNo matter how hard he worked, ___ ____A.he could not do any betterB.and he could not do any better he could not do any betterD.but he could not do any betteThe child was __ immediately after supper.A.enough tired to go to bedB.too tired to go to tired that he went to bedD.very tired, he went to bedThe history of nursing __ the history of old old than C.that is as old as old asThe piano in the other shop will be _____, but _____.A.cheaper; not as betterB.more cheap; not as betterC.cheaper; not as goodD.more cheap; not as goodWould you like to go to the concert with me? No, I would rather stay at homeB.stay at homeC.staying at homeD.will be staying16.-Governments at all levels have to take measures to improve the quality of basic education.-Exactly. _________, students' homework must be greatly reduced.19.So eager_________a chance to answer questions, little Tommy waved hard and high in class.A.he was to be givenB.he was to giveC.was he to be givenD.was he to .____me that you choose,so long as you finish the job on time. A.It isn’t a matter to me whatB.What doesn’t matter is that C.It doesn’t matter to me whichD.He is a good student,and works very hard;____. it is with does is sheD.neither does she____,they continued the work. A.As it was late B.It was late asC.It was as lateD.Late as it was____rich and strong! A.Our country may becomeB.May our country become C.Our country becomesD.Does our country becomeThe workers were making so much noise in the workshop, and the boss hurriedly Went to see____. A.what thematter wasB.what was the wrong C.what wrong wasD.what w22.—Excuse me, is the shop open around the clock? —____________. Only from 8:00 am. to 4:00 pm.A.I’m not sureB.Well, it dependsC.That’s rightD.I’m afraid 29.In no case_________gothe law of nature or we’ll meet endless suffering.A.we can; byB.can we; forC.we can; roundD.can we, against33.The highway through the rain forest was completed in 1990, _________some animal species have died whenB.since thenC.since which time25. — Shirley won the first prize in the English speech contest. —Woo! ________ she has made since the beginning of this term!A.What great progressB.How great 31. —How long_________each other before they_________married?—For about a year.A.have they known, getB.did they know, were going to they know, are goi34. The old lady has two daughters, _______ are famous actresses.A.both of themB.both of whomC.each of themD.none of whom40. — I’m afraid I failed in the contest.— _______. At least you tried.A.No wayB.Never mindC.No problemD.I don’t believe itHow long ____ to finish the work?’ll’ll take itC.will it take youD.will take you ____ could do such thing?A.Whom do you think B.Who do you thinkC.Do you think whom D.Did you think who It’s the third time ____ I have been here.A.thatB.whenC.afterD.whoOne day, _____,Newton saw an apple fall from a sum up B.what’s more is said addition第二部分:英语知识运用(共两节,满分45 分)第一节:单项填空(共15 小题;每小题1分,满分15分)—Excuse me, sir, ________—I’d like a cup of coffee and two pieces of breaWould any one of you please tell me ______ to the railway station? far is far it far far—Would you mind if I turned on the radio and listened to some music?—______. In fact, I also like to listen to music in my car. A.No, you can’tB.Yes, I doC.N— _________— The shoes don’t fit properly. They are hurting my feet.A.Let me have a look.B.I don’t feel well.C.Where does it hurt?D.What’s the matter?— Oh, Mary! I ________ you.— No surprising. The first time you met me, I was only a little girl.A.don’t recognizeB.hadn’t recognizedC.haven’t recognizedD.d第二节语法和词汇知识(共15小题;每小题1分,满分15分)从A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。--I enjoy Chinese food very muchTo be qualified for the job , is required that one has profound knowledgeB.profound knowledge is important C.profound knowledge is a need—There were not many people in the concert yesterday. —Pop music isn’t everyone’s everyone’s someone’s anyone’______ our horizons of thinking, but it also saves us time and energy. A.Not only does the Internet expand B.Not only expands the Internet C.Not only the InternThe airline has a booklet _____ will tell you most of the important information to Europe. whichB.about whichC./D.thatThe teacher told us how to solve this problem and did we didC.neither did weD.neither we did---_________ ?---I’m not sure, but he might have been ill in bed.A.What do you think has happened to Tom B.What do you think Tom has happened C.Do you think w—I think robot will play an important role in our life. Don’t you think so?—Yes. _________________________. A.No pains, no gainsB.Early birds catch wormsC.GThe supermaket provides cheap food all its customers can afford.A.$such:that B.such;so C so;that D.such;as Work means much to me. It is ______ of my life ______ air, water and much a part; a part as much; a part much; much a paIt will not bewe meet again.A.long beforeB.before longC.soon afterD.shortly after______ Mary found her lost pen the day before yesterday?A.Where do you think it was thatB.Do you think where it was thatC.Do you think it was where thatD.Where I got to love Hangzhou ______ I went there in 2001 and that was the first time that I ______Longjing TeA. A.the first time; had tasted B.for the first time; ha---What do you think of their marriage? ---______, if I were Kate, I would not marry him. A.Generally speakingB.I have no ideaC.To be honestD.To my surpriseTracy can’t play the match now. Please ______instead.A.have Gina do it B.have Linda to do it C.make Jane to do it D.let Daisy to do itPeter could hardly see the words on the blackboard, ________?A.did heB.couldn't heC.didn't heD.could heDon't ask me to goo with him, ________? A.shall weB.won't youC.will youD.don't you第一部分: 英语知识运用(共两节,满分50)第一节: 单项选择(共20小题, 每小题1分, 满分20分)请认真阅读下面各题,从题中所给的A. B. C.D四个选项中,选出最佳选项,并在答______ it is to go for a picnic on such a fine day!A.What a funB.What funC.How funD.How a fun—I’m going to Shanghai this afternoon. —________. Then how soon will you come back?A.Have a nice tripB.CongratulationsC.CheersD.Good luck第一部分英语知识运用(共两节,满分55分)第一节语法和词汇知识(共15小题;每小题1分,满分15分)从A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。—Might I ask a favNo one was sure exactly__________ he was it it was that C.what was it thatD.what it was that—Sandra failed to pass the exam. — __________ ? Nobody works harder than she does.A.How comeB.How aboutC.Why notD.What for ____ is known to us all is that the World Expo 2010 will take place in Shanghai.A.ItB.WhatC.AsD.Which— John and I will celebrate our fortieth wedding anniversary next month. — Oh, ________! A.cheer upB.well doneC.go ahead D.congratulations______ the bus until it ______..A.Get off, stopsB.Get off, will stopC.Don’t get off, stopsD.Don’t get off, will stop---Do you know ______? ---Sorry, but if he _____ back, I ____ you know as soon as possible.A.when will he be back, comes, will letB.when he will be back, will Nobody knew _______ a living in that to to makeOh, Jack, _________________ you gave us!A.How a pleasant surpriseB.How pleasant a surpriseC.What pleasant a surpriseD.What pleasant surpriseGreatly moved by her words, __________.A.tears came to his eyesB.he could hardly hold back his tearsC.tears could hardly be held backD.his eyes were filled with----How do you find the concert in the Beijing Grand Theatre last night? ----_______.But the conductor was perfect.A.I couldn’t agree moreB.I don’t think much________ is it from our school to Lupu Bridge?A.How longB.How oftenC.How farD.How muchHe hurt her _________ badly _______ she had to see a doctor.A.too, , thatC.either, orD.too, toShe bought a digital camera online __________ she saved a lot of time. A, so that B. as soon as C. no matter D. such that I really don’t know_______about it.A.what to to do what can I doNobody knows __________next.A.what to do whatC.which to to do---This physics problem is too difficult. Can you show me __________, Wang Lin?--- Sure.A.what to work it outB.what to work out to work it toThe teacher asked the students ________.A.if they were interested in dinosaursB.when was Albert Einstein bornC.what they will do with the many trCould you tell me _______ ?A.what the matter is with youB.what was the matter with youC.hat’s the matter with youD.what’s the wrong with you .It makes no difference __________.A.whether will you come tomorrow.B.Whether or not will be pass the examC.If he will come to the meeting or not D.Whether he wThe old man told us _______ and do what , to do howB.what to do it, how to do itC.what to do, how to do itD.what to do , how to doI wonder _________.A.where does he liveB.where he liveC.he lives whereD.where he lives---Would you please tell me _________?--- In a small village near Niingbo.A.where was your mother bornB.where your mother was bornC.when was your mother bornD.The photograph will show you ________.A.what does our village look likeB.what our village looks does our village look our village looks likeShe wondered much he cost the much he paid for the much the computer will cost much did he spend on the co---Do you know ________?--- I'm not sure. Maybe he is a businessman.A. who he isB.who is heC.what he doesD.what does he doThey thought too much about ______.A.which I had saidB.what I had saidC.that I had saidD.I had said—How do you like working here?—_______.To be honest,I miss my former colleagues.A.I like it here B.Not so goodC.More than satisfactoryD.very much—Did you really buy a new house in Beijing?—______.A.How do you feel it?B.That’s all right.C.Believe it or notD.It’s up to you.However much _______, it will be worth it.A.does the watch costB.costs the watchC.the watch costsD.the watch will cost---- Tony, I am going to get married next month. ----- _______________!A.CongratulationB.Celebrate youC.CongratulateD.CongratulationsOnly when you leave your parents for college education _______ how much you love you will realizeD.will you realizeNowhere else, as his mother told us, __________ except the cabin in the backyard.A.did he goB.he did goC.went heD.he went—We’d better go downstairs right now for lunch.—__________ They serve food 24 hours a day.A.Hurry up!B.Take your time.C.No way!D.It doesn’t matter.—When shall I pay the bill?—Don’t mind it, sir. ________.A.You’ve got to pay it right awayB.It just dependsC.Please come at your convenienceD.I don’t mind —It shouldn’t take long to clear up after the party if we all volunteer to help. —That’s right. ________.A.Many hands make light workB.Something is better t—I’m going to Appleby tomorrow. —______! I’m going up there too.A.What a coincidenceB.Good luckC.CongratulationsD.Good idea
第二部分:英语知识运用(共两节,满分35分)第一节:单项填空(共15小题;每小题1分,满分15分)从每题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上----How often do you visit your grandma in the village? ----I feel ashamed.______________.A.Very often.B.By accident.C.Just once in a while.D.All of a sudd第二部分英语知识运用(共两节, 满分45分)单项填空 (共15小题, 每小题1分,满分15分)A: Go for a picnic next Sunday, OK ? B:______.A.I think soB.I’m afraid notC.I bel------ Don’t you go to school ?-------_______.A.Yes, I’m going toB.Yes, I study at homeC.No, I workD.No, to the cinemaThis novel is written in ______easy English ______beginners can understand ..A.such; ; thatC.such ; asD.too ; to---Rose, mind your step! Aunt Jane slipped over on the wet floor and broke her leg yesterday. --- ______.A.It’s none of your businessB.It doesn’t matter to meCAlthough ________ after the Civil War, the American blacks still took no important role in the white Americans except as servants and longer being_________, he would have been fired.A.Had he lied to the bossB.Did he lie to the bossC.If he has lied to the bossD.If he lies to the boss–Do you know Henry didn’t win that speech contest? --_________? I thought for sure he would. He worked so hard on it.A.Do IB.Don’t IC.Did heD.Didn’t he---I am going to take the entrance examination of Fudan University. ---_________________A.Why not Qin Hua?B.Good luck!C.Congratulations!D.Take it easy!一The English exam is not difficult, is it?一______.Even Tim________to the top students failed in it.A.Yes;belongedB.Yes;belonging C.No;belonged D.No;belongThey Were the Boy Scouts__________to help elderly people cross the streets.A.whose was the whom was the was whose taskD.whose task wasAs we all know, every minute, ____full use of____our lessons , will do good to our students.A.when made;to studyB.which makes;studyingC.that is made;studyD.th第二部分:英语知识运用第一节:单项填空(共15小题;每小题1分,满分15分)从A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑.---Have we _____—How about talking with others in English if I want to learn English? —In my opinion, ________. makes comes into doesn’t matterD.iThe teacher asked me _____. A.that I had finished my homeworkB.that had I finished my homeworkC.whether had I finished my homeworkD.if I had finished my homeworAs some famous singers will appear at the top concert, _________likely to be a’s B.these’sC.which’sD.that’s—John, I know nothing about playing tennis.I wonder if you could teach me. —___.Just name the day.A.I'm gladB.Go aheadC.If you want itD.With pleasure—The fishermen should have been warned of the bad weather. —___, but they didn't listen to it.A.Yes, they wereB.So were theyC.So should theyD.Yes, they shouldDad is used to smoking and drinking. There’s no chance _____ I’m able to talk him into .A.whether ; giving it upB.of whether; giving them up C.that; getti-- How did you find your trip to Huangshan?-- ______ .A.I went there by airB.A friend took me thereC.Wonderful indeedD. In a travel book----See? Only ten dollars for such a nice tie?------OK,_____.A.I’ll see itB.I’ll take itC.It’s really cheapD.It’s really goodI’m just wondering ___ I first met Tom.A.where it was thatB.that was it whereC.where was it thatD.that it was whereRaining hard ,____________?A.doesn’t it B.does it itD.isn't it_____ Kate and Joan who taught Tom the nice song last night?A.Was itB.Were thereC.Will it beD.Must it have been---I really thought that I would win the match.---Oh, well,____, Henry.A.congratulationsB.better luck next wishesD.take your timeIt’s only when you lost something __how much you value will realizeB.will you realizeC.then you will realizeD.that you will realize第二部分:英语知识运用 (共两节,满分45分)第一节: 语法和词汇 (共15小题;每小题1分,满分15分)---Would you mind if I turned on the TV? ---__________.A.Yes, pleaseB.It is uncertain whether the medicine will work on the this cold,________?A, is it B. isn't it C, will it D. won't it—Could you help me change the wheel,sir?—______,madam,which one?A.With pleasureB.Sorry,I can'tC.It's a pleasureD.Just a minute______stopping polluting the earth______hope to live in a better environment.A.Only to;we CallB.Only to;can weC.Only by;can weD.Only by;we can第一部分:单项选择—Make sure you have turned off the air conditioners before going out.—_______________.A.Heard itB.Made itC.Forgot itD.Got it---__________at the new school?---Fine , I’ve got used to the life there and I’ve made some friends.A.How are youB.How are you doing C.Are you getting on wel---Would you come to my house for dinner Sunday night? ---_______,but I'll be dining with my grandparents.A.I'm sorryB.Thanks a lotC.It's a pityD.I'd love In front of the farmhouse ______.A.lay a poor manB.laid a poor manC.a poor man layD.did a poor man lie_______ some of the wine -- perhaps you will enjoy it.A.TryingB.TryC.To tryD.Have tried---- Are they coming to help us?---- _______.A.I do soB.I do hopeC.I hope they doD.I hope soLook! She is coming here and there _________.A.goes the busB.going the busC.the bus goesD.the bus going----Look! ________a high probability that their team will win.----Yes, the members are cooperating so well.A.It isB.It wasC.There wasD.There is. ______________that no one wants to __________ it.A.Such challenging is the task; take toB.So challenging is the task; take onC.How challenging is the task;----- Perhaps John’s not in. -----_______. Look, the light’s on.A.Yes, he can be at home.B.No, he couldn’t go out.C.Yes, he must be at home.D.No, he nee—I don’t think I will win a lottery (彩票) of 5,000,000 dollars in all my life. —Well, ______. Everything can happen. can never’re kiddingC.There happened to be nobody under the wall when it fell down, ____ ?A.wasn't thereB.was thereC.didn't thereD.did there— Why don’t you stay a little longer? — ______, but I really should be on my way.A.I wish I could B.That’s too badC.Forget about it D.It is my pleasure--- Why didn’t she ask for help at that time?--- You know, at such a midnight, there was no one ________.A.she could turn toB.for whom to turn C.who to turn tNot until the mid-term approached ____________ how much time I had wasted.A.did I realizeB.didn’t I realizeC.I didn’t realizeD.I realized---How do you like my cookies, darling?---_______. Can I have some more, honey?A.Couldn’t be worseB.Good ideaC.Not at allD.They’re very tasty第二部分语言知识及应用(共两节,满分45分)第一节单项填空(共15小题,每小题1分,满分15分)从A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑It is playing computer games _______ the boy spends most of his spare time. A.that B.which C.when's go to the seaside for fresh air,OK?---_______.A.Not at all.B.Why not?C.Never mind.D.What of it?Long,long time ago,there was a mountain.At the top of the mountain _______ ,in which an old monk used to tell stories. A.a temple there a templeC.stoI only know we will have a League meeting, but I have no idea when _________ it.A.shall we haveB.will we haveD.having--- Mum, I’ve at last passed the final exam.--- ________A.Congratulations!B.That’s all right.C.Good luck.D.Really good.________, I think, and the problem could be settled.A.A bit more effortB.So long as you keep up your spiritsC.If you doubt your effortsD.Making great efforts--- Can I have a talk with you at about 5 this afternoon, Mr.Smith?--- All right, I ______ to my office from a conference then.I will be waiting for you there.A---It's very kind of you to see me off,Mr Johnson. ---______.It's the least we could do. A.That's trueB.Not at allC.I don't think soD.Don't say toSo little known _____ that soldiers had to ask for a guide. this earthquake - stricken areaB.this earthquake - stricken area C.was this earthquake - strckeFor a moment nothing happened. Then ___ all shouting together.A.voices had comeB.came voices C.voices would comeD.did voices come----- As we know, you won’t go back to the USA since you have established a research center here.But how long _____ in America? ----- For almost 10 years.A.did----- Would you mind helping me with my suitcase? I really can’t manage it by myself.----- ________.A.My pleasureB.No problemC.Not at allD.Never mind---I think sometimes watching TV will cause visual pollution to the teenagers.---_________.A.Good idea!B.The same to youC.With pleasureD.I can’t agree with you I don’t imagine Russ and his poor dog had a good time on the deserted island, _____?A.didn’t IC.did theyD.hadn’t they – How long _____ in this job? – Since 1990.A.were you employedB.have you been employedC.have you employedD.will you be employedThe stranger isn’t like a worker, nor _____ a salesman.A.he is likeB.he looks likeC.does he he like______myself to my study,1 would be sitting in a comfortable office now.A.If I devotedB.Should I devoteC.Would I devoteD.Had I devoted______has the children burdened with too much homework nowadays?A.It is who thatB.Who is it thatC.It was who thatD.Who was it that—You can’t stand working with Jane in the same office, can you? —______,because she just refuses _______while working.A.No, to stop talkingB.Yes ,to stop talkiIt was too noisy outside. Not until ____at the top of my voice _____his head.A.I shouted; had he turnedB.did I shout ;did he turnC.had I shouted; he turnedDIt is global warming, rather than other factors,_____ the extreme weather.A.that have led toB.which has causedC.which are causingD.that has led to--I wonder if you could spare a little time to help with my English tonight?--_____. I have no extra work to do anyhow.A.Sure, go head B.No, well doneC.No, in---- Mary, you water the plants in the garden and I will cook the dinner.----_____ A.Why me?B.Forget it.C.That’s all right.D.OK, that’s settled.---Will you come with me to see a film? ---Well,________, but I will try my wayC.not a depends----Shall we go and see a movie this Sunday?---_______.A.Don’t flatter yourselfB.I don’t agreeC.Why do you think so?D.That’s an excellent idea.— I’m terribly sorry to keep you waiting for so long. — _______.A.Never mind.B.That’s right.C.You are welcome.D.Don’t mention it.Della turned all of her pockets inside out only to find $ 1.87 buy Jim a present for Christmas.A.with what toB.with that she which toD.with which toMother told me to play with our little guest. , though unwillingly.A.So did IB.I didn'tC.So I didD.Neither I did—I think you owe me some money? —______? My money has never been tight.A.How comeB.Who saysC.What forD.Why so_____your composition carefully, some spelling mistakes can be avoided.A.Having checkedB.CheckC.If you checkD.To check---This is my book.---_____________ It has my name on it.A.Here you are! B.How do you find it?C.It’s hard to say.D.You must be joking!Not having worked out the problem, _____ leave the he was not allowed to B.and he didn’t want toC.the teacher couldn’t make him D.he couldn’t free----- I am not good at dancing, you know.---- ______. It’s just for fun. A.Come onB.Don’t say soC.What a pityD.Cheer up_____, I could not memorize the text.A.However hard did I tryB.However hard I triedC.However I tried hardD.However I had tried hard---- Do give me a call when you arrive in the city, Henry. ---- I won’t forget. See you later. ---- ____________.A.Have a nice tripB.With pleasureC.Don’t mI read little now and I am always busy with my job. ________ my friend.A.Either doesB.So isC.So it is withD.So does-Why not follow the recorder and practice your spoken English?-______A.That's all right.B.Sounds a good idea.C.Sorry, I forgot it.D.You're so kind.______in March, that so many people had on their light wears.A.So hot did the weather becomeB.So became the hot weatherC.Hot the weather became soD.So hot becam---Excuse me. Could you tell me how far the railway station is from here? ---__________.A.By busB.Ten minutesC.Sorry, I’m new here D.I’m lost--- May I use your mobile phone? --- _________ .A.Why not?B.Go ahead.C.OK, enjoy yourselfD.Yes, but you’d better not.“It is commonly believed that women love to chat. But, ________, men chat more than women do.”, says a new a it isC.believe it or notD.g—Doesn’t this bus go to the Children’s Palace, sir?—_________A.Yes, we don’t.B.No, this is as far as we go.C.You’re welcome.D.I’m very sorry.第一部分:英语知识运用(共两节,满分50分)第一节:单项填空(共20小题;每小题1分, 满分20分)从A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。-----What do you think ---Could I borrow your car for a while?--- _________. I won’t use it today.A.By all meansB.Never mindC.You are welcomeD.Of course you could_______ makes a scientific achievement important?A.It is what thatB.Is it that whatC.What is it thatD.What it is that—Why don’t we go and have a cup of tea?—______.A.Yes, I think soB.No, I don’t think soC.That’s a good ideaD.Yes, we hadI couldn’t understand _____ with you.A.the matter was whatB.what the matter was C.that was the matter D.what was the matter第二部分:知识运用(共两节,45分)第一节:单项填空(共15小题;每小题1分,共15分)从每题所给的A、B、c、D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑I don't expect children to be rude, nor ______ them to be disobeyed.A.did I expect I expect C.I expectD.I expected----Could I ask you a rather personal question?----_________.A.Yes, don’t worryB.Of course, go aheadC.Yes, help yourselfD.Of course, why not—I really don’t know whether I can be admitted to dream university in a month.—________. Everything is possible. A.Take it easyB.Just ignore itC.Never give uThey hoped they ___ leave here immediately.A.willB.shallC.shouldD.would
I __ play basketball than football. A.would ratherB.had betterD.prefer--- Did you telephone Uncle Sam our plan for the Christmas holidays on his farm? --- Yes, he was happy about our arrival, and he eagerly asked when ______.A.haIt’s nice to see you again. What_________ since we last met?A.have you doneB.had you doneC.have you been doingD.did you doNot until they left school________how much their teachers loved them and helped them.A.they realizedB.did they realizedC.the would realizedD.had they realized—Mary, the telephone is ringing!—______, but I am washing my hair. A.I’m sorryB.You answer itC.Hold onD.That’s good---Could I borrow your car for a while?--- _________. I won’t use it today. A.By all meansB.Of course you couldC.You are welcomeD.Never mind---Could you be so kind as to close the window?---______A.With pleasureB.Go aheadC.Yes , pleaseD.That’s OKZhang Yining has trained continuously for six hours. ______ she is tired out. A.There is no wonderB.There is no need C.It’s no wonderD.It’s no doubt-- I’m very tired, helping with the clothes.----Why not take a rest ,then?----- ________.A.Maybe I shouldB.I am glad to hear thatC.With pleasureD.Thank you第二部分:英语知识运用(共两节,满分45分)第一节单项填空(共15小题,每小题1分,满分15分)从A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。We will only discuss such problems___________something to do with our own interests.A.that haveC.which has—We didn’t find the Blacks___________the lecture. —No one had told them about___________a lecture the following attend; there to beB.attending; the—How did you find your visit to the Olympic Park, Tom?—___________.A.By taking a No 3 bus.B.I want there aloneC.Oh, wonderful indeedD.A boy showed me the way --- Have you received Jack’s plan?--- Yes, but I don’t think his plan is ______.A.worth being consideredB.worthy to be consideredC.worthy of consideringD.woI'll try it again.Never in my life _____ such a particular difficulty.A.had I metB.have I met C.I had metD.I have met—Could you please do me a favor? —_____ —I mean,could you help me?A.Sorry?B.Forget it.C.What!D.Really?—Everything goes well,_____? —Not really.A.does itB.doesn’t they D.don’t they_____,there were also no lights in the houses along the street.A.There not only were no streetlightsB.Not only there were no streetlightsC.Not only were there n—Why don’t you take some exercise? Sitting before the computer is bad for your health. ---________, but I have to finish my work on time.A.Sorry, I won’t li____________ to tell him the news; he has been told of it.A.There is no needB.It is no needC.You are no needD.It needn’tIt is few people, ______ have come to ask for the question, ______fit for the job. A.who; I think areB.that; I think isC.what; who I think isD.who; that I t--- Shall we walk around the park or go for a bike ride?--- _________. They are both good activities to me .A.Yes, I like them very muchB.It makes no differenIt is only in the last sixty years that________any evidence that Loch Ness Monster might exist.A.there has beenB.there has hadThey moved to England in 2007 and lived in a big house, ________ to the south.A.the windows of which openedB.the windows of it openedC.its windows openedD.the w.I must make full use of the time ___left to me and do as much as I can for the people. A.there beingB.there isC.there areD.there to beMr. Xie wants to know _________ for school this morning.A.why were you lateB.why are you lateC.why you were lateD.why you are late---Would you join us in the summer camp? ---________, you see.A.It all dependsB.It doesn’t matterC.That’s rightD.I’ll follow you-----What about having a rest? ----- __________________A.Good ideaB.Help yourselfC.Go aheadD.Me, too.Who did the teacher ________ the exercises?A.have doneB.have doC.had doneD.has doneHaving much to do, let’s finish at it at homeB.the tour should be put offC.but we should still take the tour D.we have to stay at home— I am going to be a volunteer at the Asian Games to be held in Guangzhou this November.—________! Me, too.A.That’s itB.Good luck C.No problemD.That’s great— Jane Goodall belongs to a great woman.— ________. She has devoted much of her life to protecting chimps everywhere.A.Good ideaB.CongratulationsC.I think so To be honest, ___you’d like me to offer? is it thatB.what is it is it thatD.what it is that—How did you find the film Curse of the Golden Flower?—__________. I can’t think too highly of it.A.It’s really wonderfulB.It all dependsC.By chanceD.It makPassengers, don’t occupy the chairs with your luggage, ________?A.don’t you B.will theyC.don’t theyD.will you--- What do you think if we put both John and Jack in charge of the work? --- Just John is OK. ________, you know.A.Every dog has his dayB.Everybody’s busine—How about putting some pictures into the report?—________.A picture is worth a thousand words.A.No way.B.Why not?C.All right?D.No matter—How did you find the talk this morning? —______.A.By asking my studentsB.It was easy to findC.Very disappointingD.Just in time for it—My mother is preparing my favorite dishes. Go with me and have a taste, okay ?—___________ and I’ll be glad to meet your parents.A.I think soB.I’d love toC---You must be excited about going to America for schooling. ---______, but I am afraid I can’t do well because my English is poor.A.Never mindB.Certainly notWhile watching television, _______________________.A.the doorbell rangB.we heard the doorbell ring C.there was someone knocking at the doorD.we heard the doorbe—Would you please help me fix my computer? — ________ .A.With pleasureB.That’s all rightC.That’s rightD.My pleasureThe disease, ________, could spread very fast.A.unless well controllingB.if not well controlledC.when not to controlD.although not being well controlledIt was not until 7 o’clock in the evening________to an end.A.did the meeting comeB.that the meeting cameC.when the meeting cameD.and the meeting cameA brilliant idea occurred to him, to his research in the lab.A.while devotingB.while devoting himselfC.while he was devotedD.while devotedChildren are not recommended to see such films bad for their mental development.A.that isB.that is.How long do you think______ the construction company finishes the project? will be beforeB.will it be untilC.will it be will be that11. —How soon can you finish the large picture? —It will be two months ______.A.since it has been finishedB.after it finishes C.before it has finished D.befor—Hey, you are wanted on the phone. —_________ I’m coming. A.So what? B.Hold on a minute.C.You guessed it.D.What a shame!— ______? — In a nutshell, the movie was incredibly dull and only the starring role Johnny Depp attracted me a lot.A.Do you like the movie “Alice in Wonderland—The earthquake has killed over two thousand people in Yushu.—________.A.OKB.CertainlyC.I agreeD.That’s the case---Why does she always ask you for help? ---There is no one else ______, is there?A.who to turn to B.she can turn to C.for whom to turnD.for her to turnWould you like there ______ a meeting to discuss the matter? —People say your little brother has been admitted into QinghuaUniversity.—Yes. Never ________ he could achieve so much success.A.had I thoughtB.would I have Finally they reached an agreement, with ________.A.every concerned studentB.every student was concernedC.every student concernedD.all the concerned studentsRather than ______ at home , I prefer to go sightseeing in ___________.A.stay; so suuny a stay; so a suuny dayC.stay; how sunny a dayD.staying; suchThe reason_____he gave for his coming late was _____his car broke down on the way.A.why;becauseB.that;thatC.for which;thatD.that;because_____leaves the office last must close all the windows and the door.A.AnyoneB.WhoC.WhoeverD.No matter who----- Did you go to see the football match in the stadium ? ----- _____, but my brother called on me.A.I’d like toB.I’d like to haveC.I wouldn’t like itD.I Even today, poverty is still a big problem in the United States, ______ more than 10 percent of the whole population.A.and that — It hasn’t been decided yet _______ our wedding party will be held.A.thatB.whenC.whatD.whyJack is a student and studies at the NO. 1 Middle School, was the same with it is with is does Mike— Jack said the paper was too hard when he was asked why he failed the exam again..— Well, _____.A.a bad penny always turns upB.a bad workman always blames hi—Would you mind if I turned down the tape recorder a little?—______.A.Yes, go on.B.No, go aheadC.No, I would rather you didn’tD.Sorry, go aheadI wondered _____ they always looked down upon me.A.why it was whichB.why it was thatC.why was it thatD.what was it thatThere’s no _____ in arguing with each other over this matter. It depends on the weather.A.meanB.pointC.worryD.viewYear 3 Students in our school _______ all kinds of exercises every day in the past eight months. A. kept busy doingB. keep busy with doingC. were kept busy d___________, a form must be filled in.A.To ask for his helpB.In order to get his jobC.Making request for his jobD.If you want to get this jobHe is ______ is known as a hacker ---- he likes to show off on the Internet and attack websites.A.whoB.whatC.thatD.whichI wonder why you don’t do it as ______ and it’s the third time you have done so.A.told toldC.told toldTo get a better view of the stage, _________________ . A.our seats had to be changed B.we had to change our seatsC.our seats were changedD.our seats will be cha – _______ that made Mrs. White so upset? – Her son’s making trouble in the school.A.Where was itB.Why was itC.How was itD.What was it– Can you tell me ___________?– An engineer from Jinan Iron and Steel Plants. A.what your friend isB.who your friend is C.what is your friendD.who is your frie– I rang you at about ten o’clock, but there was no reply. – Oh, that was probably ________ I was seeing the doctor.A.whenB.whyC.whatD.that—Xiao Hua looks unhappy, doesn’t she?----Yes, let’s go and ask______. A. what wrong is with her B. What wrong was with her C What is wrong with her D. Wha_________the authorities continue to crack down football betting _________a new hope in the future.A.If only; Chinese soccer can seeB.Only if; can Chinese soc _________that developed countries want to limit the development of the developing countries in the climate conference in Copenhagen.A.It is no possibilityB.It Following the guide, we went into a house, _________ wall hung a picture of Einstein.A.on itsB.on thatC.on whoseD.on which In front of our house _______ we used to swim.A.a river lies that B.does a river lie where C.lies a river whichD.lies a river whereAs we all know, the advantage _______ is good for students’ self-improvement.A.they take of the libraryB.they take the libraryC.they take to the libraryD.they .Hardly_______when the fans began to scream with excitement.A.the star showed upB.did the star show upC.had the star showed upD.the star had showed up.Only when you ________can you earn a living, .A.settle downB.takes a riskC.react toD.cheer on.__________I am amazed at is__________she wants to find fault with others all the time.A.What; whyB.Which; howC.That; whyD.What; because..It was _______ he said that _______ me feeling frustrated.A.that; protects, from B.what ; prevented, fromC.what ; reminded, ofD.that ; stops, from.Why __________ put the meat in the fridge ? It’ll stay fresh for several days.A.notB.not youWhen he was awake, she found she was lying on _______ seemed to be a piece of stone.A.that B.which How do you find the movie The Cove? ---__________sad. It__________a bloody picture of dolphins being killed.A.Looks; presentsB.Looking; presentsC.Loo.------- We are going to hold a sports meeting tomorrow.-------- __________ it rains?A.How aboutB.What ifC.If onlyD.Even if.This is a reading room, boy, you must act in the way______ won’t disturb asked Mary_________her homework.A.if she had finishedB.that whether she had finishedC.that if she has finishedD.whether she has finished.There is no chance _________ I will recover from my illness for the exam.A.thatB.whichC.whatD.if.You can choose ________ book you like among these on the table. matter whatB.whateverC.whoseD.whichever.—I can’t find Mr. Smith. Where did you last see him this morning?—It was in the hotel _______ he stayed.A.thatB.whereC.whichD.sincePolly said that he did everything ______ she could to comfort his sister who cried after being refused by Harvard.A.whatB.whichC.whenD.that..Tim was late again, ______stayed up last night ,he would have come here earlier.A If he didn’t B Did he not C Had he not D If had he not.---------I reminded you not to forget the appointment with the house agent. ---------- _____ ,but I was caught in a traffic jam.A So you did B So I did C So She wanted to know _________. A.whether I knew her and where did she workB.if I knew her and the factory she worked there C.whether I knew her and factory she w It was with great courage ______ the boy told the truth _______ he had stolen the money. A.which; thatB.when;; thatD.that; thatYou didn’t take his advice. ____ his advice, you _____ such a mistake.A.Had you taken; wouldn’t have madeB.If you had taken; would makeC.Were you to take; ---Tom was late for class this morning again.---You know, _______.A.all good things come to an endB.a leopard cannot change its spotsC.honesty is never too mu